A PoP Day

It’s been so dreadfully hot these past few weeks and I’ve just been enjoying the pool at mom’s house… but I decided to finally get a few little items done.  I called it my PoP day.. the Power of Paint.. I spend lots of time lounging in my Rest Haven and look around and see a few things that need sprucing up. Like the big planters.. They’ve been bruised over time and there’s a little vermin running around my yard knocking them over..(I feel like the Bill Murray in CaddyShack – boy do I want to get him)..


Of course hubby thought I should throw them away.. Me.. no way.. they’re still standing.. lol.. got a couple of cracks at the top – but all in all.. still worth keeping.. and for $6.00 they look like new

After I picked up this pretty cool pelican from Ross – I thought a touch of gold would do good in the garden

Then I found this old hat buried under some items in the garage and figured.. why not flip it and fill it..


Added a few bricks to cover the outer edge pallets and a few more plants around it

I think I like the upside down hat planter..



I’m still contemplating the iron hens&chick holder… I’d have to take all that apart..soooooo…you know how that goes.. (another day..lol).  Small changes but nice impact for this space.

I love how the sun hits the gold and gives it a glam glow..   Then I had this clay pot.. the worn out look was looking too worn out..

So, for another $3.00 it got a new look

Now I can smile when I look around at these pots again .  🙂




That’s all I could do.. cause BABY!!!! It’s HOT OUT THERE!!!



Progress Made

In the midst of clearing papers, I came across some old photos of my yard.  Boy have I made some serious progress over the years. When we first moved into the house I really knew nothing about gardening.  I was a city girl and loved looking at beautiful landscapes but while living in Jersey, I didn’t do any yard work.  When we moved to S.C.  the yard had a clean slate and I figure I’d let my imagination take over.  I have to admit – I’d forgotten how dull and lifeless the yard was, but after looking back at all the hard work put into it, these pictures made me realize how much progress I really made over the years.   Perusing countless garden magazines proved to be worthwhile in helping to inspire me.  Just thought I’d share my progress made with you…   (try not to laugh at the before too much).  My husband preferred it that way because it was easy to cut the grass (mind you he hated moving what little objects there were..)












By gradually taking each section at a time progress was made.. so you know alot of gardening therapy took place out here.  The back breaking agony I went through was all worth it.   The best part about the beds is they’re 80% perennials.  Yes,  I learned real quick over the years to get garden smart.  🙂   So much progress was made and yet – more to still make.  Thankfully I have you to follow along with me to share the journey.   TTYL,

Air Plants in the House

I stopped over at the nursery to see what they have and saw the air plants.  There were so many to choose from.

Well needless to say I came home with 5..  I love those little buggers especially since they require no dirt.   They’re very easy to care for.  All you basically need to do is dip them in water or spray them.   To learn more about their care you can click here.  You can be so creative with including them in your decor.   This is how I used them.   

Here I used a couple of the sand dollars that were in the Seashell Jackpot.   Using a dab of hot glue to hold in place I created a “sandwich” for the plant to display with the seashell vignette.

This one sits nice and cozy inside the swan cork dish

The sea rock had holes and this one sits neatly inside.. I dabbled a bit of hot glue to keep it in place

This one fits perfectly inside the bottle neck of this vintage vase

The seashell nestles this one

Do you like them?  Have you grown air plants?  If so, share them with me..

$2.00 Tuesday #2

Hey there, last week I started a $2.00 Tuesday post.. I’m going to continue with them as long as I can find $2.00 items.. and you know something.. I think it’s kind of fun, too,… knowing I can actually get something so cheap that I could really make use of.    I found this week’s item at the thrift store here in town.   I usually don’t get to visit it because they’re closed on Saturdays ( not good).. but I lucked up because they’ll be open on Saturdays until Christmas  (GREAT!)

Well, here’s what I found tucked in the back…. chuckles…. I know what you’re thinking… “Good Lord – I haven’t seen those in years” LOL…  but guess what… they’re sturdy and I know could use them.    Here’s the clincher .. all three for $2.00.  Last week I was happy with the one plant hanger… so you know this week I’m freaking ecstatic  🙂   YIPPEEE!!!!      (don’t mind the leaves in the backdrop.. they’re everywhere..sooo tired of raking leaves..sigh)  🙁

The solid beige one was .50 cents and the other two.. .75 cents (chuckles..)   can’t beat it… RIGHT!  I’m not too fond of the colors or the big fuzzy ball at the end

but  since it’s Fall.. and they are Fall colors – it’ll work for now.    I’ll decide later whether to change the colors (of course spray paint would do the job) or not.    I gave them a try and put a couple of plants inside them.. (just to show for the post – but tomorrow I’m headed to the nursery to get a few plants to put in them..   Here’s how they look with a plant inside..

They are absolutely perfect for outside hangers.. the cording is extremely durable..



After seeing them… I think I really LUCKED UP!

No more plant stand

I had this vintage plant stand on my deck for the past two summers and didn’t do anything with it… Well, today…..guess what this old weather rusted stand became?


First I had to do a bit of scraping to get the rust off, and then I used spray paint ( I’m really liking the use of spray paint – because it’s so simple and easy)..  I used a color called Avocado which is a pretty soft green.

The new color is on, the rust is all gone and I like how it looks.  ..

Do you think you can figure out what it became?   What would you use it as??    I’ll give you a hint.. it’s coming inside for a better use..

It became a BATH STATION


Here it is…. and this is how I’m using it now..

I found another planter not being used and decided to make it the facial cloth holder

I definitely think it’s better here than outside on  the deck rusting away.  I couldn’t use the cute cabby I did any longer because it was a tad too big  for the corner

I still needed something to accommodate the bath accessories, and this came in handy.