Air Plants in the House

I stopped over at the nursery to see what they have and saw the air plants.  There were so many to choose from.

Well needless to say I came home with 5..  I love those little buggers especially since they require no dirt.   They’re very easy to care for.  All you basically need to do is dip them in water or spray them.   To learn more about their care you can click here.  You can be so creative with including them in your decor.   This is how I used them.   

Here I used a couple of the sand dollars that were in the Seashell Jackpot.   Using a dab of hot glue to hold in place I created a “sandwich” for the plant to display with the seashell vignette.

This one sits nice and cozy inside the swan cork dish

The sea rock had holes and this one sits neatly inside.. I dabbled a bit of hot glue to keep it in place

This one fits perfectly inside the bottle neck of this vintage vase

The seashell nestles this one

Do you like them?  Have you grown air plants?  If so, share them with me..

SeaShells Jackpot!

Hey there –  finally it’s starting to smell like spring and I’m sooo happy.  I see the daffodils and tulips popping their heads up from underground preparing us for all the beautiful colors to come as nature changes her season.   With warmer weather comes the influx of yard sales – YIPPEEE! – and you know how I love those yard sales.   There was a one in town this past weekend and there were lots of goodies – but I took it easy buying .. the prices were excellent.  I’ve been wanting sea shells but they’re so expensive in the stores.  A small bag runs about $4.00-$5.00  and there are usually small ones inside.  But look what I got for $4.00  –  It was the Sea Shell Jackpot!


I was so happy because I’ve been wanting some to put inside my apothecary jars for a spring look, so, those came right on time.  I changed up the the foyer cabby with a new look..  I still had the fall display on it, so with spring coming it was time.

So from this:


I went to this:

The shells and clear glass brightens up the space.  This little cabinet has really been a real winner.  You can see the transformation here.

What a difference $4.00 made