Ugly April Challenge

Spring has sprung – yayyyy!  Getting the yard together is almost finished then I can sit back and relax and enjoy chilling in my Rest Haven.  I began to clean out my garage for two reasons: 1 – to find something that needed a makeover and 2- the 2nd annual 49-mile Yard Sale is coming.  Everyone is getting excited about.  You can learn more about the sale by visiting the website here.  When Serena at Thrift Diving announced the Ugly April Challenge I was determined to find something to make over (without buying).  If you live in the south -I believe you’ll find one of these on lots of porches or lurking around in backyards.  Well I found mine and dug it about a much needed makeover.. Yikes.. this chair is totally yucky :-/


Yea pretty bad!!  I also found this retro ashtray too!  Completely rusted just like the chair.

These two pieces will come in handy, because when I’m out working in the yard, I like having a couple of squatting zones. instead of walking back to the gazebo for a quick rest.  After sanding and sanding and sanding.. I got the surface as smooth as I can.. especially the seat part.  I decided to use some colors that will brighten up the space.  I used Rustoleum Pistacchio on the chair and Rustoleum Coral on the ashtray.   They look so much better now!  Retro Back To Life!!

Don’t you agree??

metal chair4

OooLaLa.. so refreshing with their new look!  The metallic gold handle gave it a glamour touch

Glad Serena did the Ugly April Challenge, because these may have sat out another year…

On to the next!!   Tah Tah Lovies!

Making “Country” Home

As we approach the closing of another year, I was just reflecting back to when I left New Jersey, the only place I’ve ever known as home, and headed to make a new life in South Carolina.  Scared, lonely, happy and relieved were my first emotions that flooded me.  Scared of the unknown, lonely because I knew no-one except my husband, children and hubby’s 81 year old grandmother, happy because we were moving into our first single family home, and relieved to leave the hustle and bustle of northern living.  I wish I had started my blog back then-but I had not even heard of the word “blog” chuckles. Things may have been different had I known about Urban Compass, because maybe then I would have headed more north. Urban Compass is newer company that looks to connect those looking for NYC Apartments to their perfect place and neighborhood based on their personality and they’re starting a new project called Starter Stories.  At one point in my life I was definitely in a New York state of mind.  But truthfully speaking, I’ve grown accustomed to the southern lifestyle and  totally acclimated to small town living.  Whitmire, SC may not be among the best place list, but it’s the best “kept secret” little town and a place we call home. Over the years, I’ve taken this  100 years old home on  the Wallace Journey of making this starter house our permanent home.  In Jersey, we didn’t have a backyard with grass, so I couldn’t wait to get started and take the empty backyard from this:

To this:

Oh-the countless hours I spent making flower beds around the house.  I had no clue about gardening or making landscapes.  I was a brick-city girl and closest thing I was to gardening was having a few houseplants.  I amazed myself on how I blossomed into a gardener with “some skills”.  Another project that I enjoyed was taking that clutter closet from dead space to a valuable “Office” space was truly a rewarding moment.  I always wanted an office and this was perfect.


After 2 attempts of getting the right color and look for our dining room, I finally found the look I love and was so proud of it that I entered it in a contest.

I could go on about the home’s makeover history  (you can click the link) but you all know how I like to keep things short and simple.  Opening the boutique was definitely a highlight that made this year a little more special.  Moving here not only changed my address, but it also changed my life.  So making country home has actually been a pretty good life.

So you see, our house is small, no mansion for a millionaire, but there is room for love and there is room for friends… That’s all I care.

But, if I ever decide to “break bad” and move back up north I’ll definitely contact Urban Compass to let them help me find the right place.  Here’s wishing you wonderful happiness in your home..

Friday Finds #3

Thank God  it’s Friday and I’m pooped out.   Having Monday off is really going to come in handy.   But moving right along to the subject at hand.  It’s Friday and time to show you the Friday Finds for the week.

Item #1

I had a feeling it was going to be a good week when I spotted the salad spinner.  I was very happy to have found it at Goodwill for $2.75.  Right now Target sells it for $21.99

Item #2

A chandelier for my brother’s house.   Picked this up at a yard sale for $10.00, and guess what.. it was never used

It was still in the box taped up –

Item #3

Picked up at a yard sale for $5.00 –  Found by Amina – I’m sure you guys remember how fun it was to have these chairs in our rooms as teenagers.  And guess what…the cheapest you can find them now is at Target again for $57.09 – $72.99 ( Great Find Amina!!!)

And last but not least.. another terrific bargain

Item #4

This was found here in town at our local thrift store Lighthouse.  It’s our town’s Goodwill.  Items are donated and the shop is ran by volunteers.  My mom is the thrifty gal behind this find.  She paid $40.00 for the vanity and bench.  I was shocked by it being perfectly intact.

As you see.. it’s in the blood… chuckles.. A generation of Thrifty Gals…

Well that’s all I have for now.. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your “BBQ” .

Weekend: Music and Projects

Hello everyone, it’s been a few days and yes, your thrifty girl took a break from posting. But unfortunately not a break from home-work. Chores, chores, and more chores..  but it’s all good.  The hubby was away at a golf tournament for the weekend and that meant I got to play my music all day and as long as I like..yipppeee.. (he’s a TV person so I always respect him and either turn it  down or off when he comes in to relax) because I tend to turn the volume up when the music’s getting good.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous here – I couldn’t decide whether to do indoor or outdoor projects.. So.. I did a little of both.  I got up and chose the music for the weekend and Lou Rawls was first to go in the carousel (and I chose 4 more that consists of compilations of all old school r&b)  but I’ll stop there because I could go on & on about music.  Lady Love was one of those treasured songs between me & hubby and it stuck with me.  Of course over the years many more have touched our hearts but this was on my mind this weekend.   Besides there are so many good songs on this entire cd – I love it.

First on the list… laundry and the Laundry area.. Pet hair – everywhere.   Time for Diamond to keep her big butt outside.. diamod

Got that area swept and cleaned up and it’s back to normal


Next on the list – Front Porch – sweep the winter away along with the pollen and cob webs.. and begin prepping it for pretty.  Took time to paint these items to give them a fresh look.  The sedum in this pot grows so nicely.  The little black table became copper and the flower pot has a pink/copper new look



It’s fresher look is most welcoming


Old man winter did it’s damage to my Agave plants.. I’m really upset over losing them.. I’ve had them for quite a few years, but I guess they couldn’t hang in there.   Well have to say good-bye to them – sniff sniff.  🙁


I did a quick look around at the flower beds and everything else is coming back beautifully – so it didn’t too much damage.  Weeding the beds are my next week projects.. but they are looking quite good for me to not have done anything to them.  Thank God for perennials.

Next on the list was to finish potting more of my herbs.  I bought a variety of them and need to get them potted.  The herbal cart turned out very well and I needed another stand for some more pots.  I found this inside my storage area

And decided to revamp it with some spray paint as well, along with more flower pots.  I’ve got more herbs to have cooking fun with

Last but not least, my  back door needed a fresh coat of paint real bad.. The scuff marks were “not” coming off.  So, I gave up scrubbing and pulled out the paint brush.   I’m so glad I did it because it looks much better.


Well (in the mere words of Bugs Bunny) that’s all folks!   I hope you had a wonderful and productive weekend too!  Feel free to share your story with me.. I’d love to hear about it.  I also hope you enjoyed listening to Lou.