In the Bag

You ever see someone with something and you wish you had bought it too?  Well that’s what happened when my sis came with her Enid Collins bag. It was the perfect tote bag for her tablet, cellphone, mp3 and cords (her electronics carryall vacation bag).  She bought the bag from a man who came by the I2I 49-Mile Yard Sale we had back in June. He had a bunch of vintage purses his grandmother owned and he wanted to sell them.. She and I zeroed in on the same bag, but I told her to go ahead – especially since she saw him first.  Well I forgot all about it and when she walked in with this bag.. I said “boy is that a nice bag”.  This is her Enid Collins bag.. it’s from her Garden Theme collection.   These bags are handcrafted and made in America in Texas and each bag has its own personality.  You can read more about Enid Collins and her bags here.

Could you believe she scooped this beauty for $20.00  ..  in absolutely great condition.

At this point I knew what I wanted to buy with my gift card I won two weeks ago from Elle at Splendid Habitat.  After searching for about 2 hours on Ebay and Etsy and wanting buy about 20 of them.. I narrowed down my purchase.. I’ll call it my Enid Coach bag 🙂  .. But seriously its from her Carriage Collection.

I love the stage coach look (kinda like Cinderella’s carriage)

These bags are so darling.  We love how they are painted and then jeweled to capture the details of the designs.  These bags have very sturdy bottoms made of wood.

Of course they’re not your everday use bag.. but they sure are excellent for that occassional use..and when you want to look a bit fancy.. and if you’re toting modern day electronics in these gorgeous beauties, it really makes a vintage fashion statement.

We are very happy with our new bags.. It’s definitely a “Twinsation” going on here..


Don’t we look happy!!


What’s your take on these bags… or  do any of you have an Enid Collins bag?  If so .. do share your picture with me.. I’d love to see it..

I created a Pinterest board of a few favorites I found.. click here to see

Until next time.. Smooches!



Monday Makeover

Good morning all!  I hope you had a lovely weekend.  Today’s makeover is a DIY Tray Makeover..   I’ve had these trays for years, stored away and not being used.  After seeing all the lovely trays – I decided to pull them out and give them a makeover.    This project cost me Zero dollars because I already had the items around the house.  Time to put them to use with new looks.  I have four of them but this weekend I worked on two.

I had this wallpaper sample book stored away as well.  As an fyi.. no I didn’t sell wallpaper..chuckles.. but a friend gave it to me and naturally I took it..(they were such pretty samples) kinda figured they’d come in handy one day..



Spray paint to change the color…


Used modge podge to glue it down

Here’s the a new look for tray #1



This has definitely softened the look of the tray

Tray #2 has become a desk tray (of course I had to use the leopard print)

A quick spray of gold metallic paint to create the gold accessories


I’m pleased with the new looks and look forward to completing the other two!  BTW – If any of you care to make over a tray – let me know – I’ve got plenty of paper and would love to share it with you.   Just send me a message and I’ll send you pictures of selections.  All I ask is that you share your project with me 🙂




$2.00 Tuesday #10

Yes! I’m happy to be able to post another $2.00 Tuesday.  It’s good knowing there are still items floating around worth $2.00 to decorate your home with.   I have to give credit on this find to my twin – Amina.   She found this chair on the curbside.. sitting lonely –  helplessly waiting to be saved from the dumpster (poor ole chair just looking for a home).   She held onto it for a while until she realized her daughter needed a small chair for a corner area in her bedroom where she practices her guitar.   She pulled the chair from the attic and decided it was ready for a makeover.  Here is the lonely little chair:   I know, pretty drab right???


She already had the paint for another project but changed her mind. However, it was the perfect color to brighten up the chair to give it a funky  new look that really pleases my niece.   So the chair was free, but the fabric is what cost $2.00.  She found it on the remnant table.   The chair has a new home, a new look and a new attitude…    So … “How you like me now!?”

Kudos to Amina!! For contributing to the $2.00 Tuesday.  If you find an item and would like to share, please let me know – I’d love to feature it.  Have a wonderful week!



$2.00 Tuesday #7

Is it me or is it that these $2.00 items are just making themselves be there for me.. lol.. because I declare..  they’re popping up all over the place.. (it’s like they’re saying – here she come- oooo -pick me, pick me..)… Unbelievable.. but it’s true and here I was thinking it was’t going to last long because there aren’t a lot of things worth blogging about for $2.00.  Well, I’ll ride it as long as I can…  I just hope you enjoy the ride with me.. and if you don’t, feel free to say “Hey Kim no more..”.. until then.. here’s the next $2.00  post..

Ok.. Goodwill is the source.. I know you’ve seen these vases all over.. well.. it’s $0.50, the candle (still wrapped) $0.50 that only equals $1.00.  But I did pick something else up for $2.00 which I’ll show you in a few..But first I want to show you what I did with these two items, because the other item is a no-brainer.

Keep in mind that I’m making use of the items and not spending  anymore money to  use it.  I sprayed painted some leaves for the silverleaf effect (my attempt at a little pun)

I inserted the candle into the vase.. Using a pair of stacking trays I already had, I flipped the larger one upside down and placed the smaller one on top,  added some live pine stems .. then made a seasonal arrangement with feathers (which I love) pine cones and this is my $1.00 finished product. …


It looks pretty good on top of the little cute cabinet I refinished back in the summer

Ok that was my first dollar spent .. ..  moving along..  This is what I bought for $2.00

not bad right???   I could use it as the typical book stand for when I’m cooking to hold the book..

But it’s more useful for me as my charging station

now all my electronics are in one place without having them at different areas charging..  See… like I said, a no-brainer…

Have you had any luck with finding a $2.00 item and would like for me to post it.. let me know.. I’d love to hear about it.


The leaves are gently falling and MotherNature says it’s time to let summer go…I on the other hand say, “What happened to Summer.. did it have to come and go so fast?”.  Here comes another season for us to look forward to.  Music is such a important aspect of my life and my home.  It motivates me, it encourages me, and it inspires me.  Sharing it is something I love doing because I feel it’s part of who I am and since I share it with my friends and family at home, then why not share it with my cyber friends , followers and family.  This is a special month – as I mentioned in the “Stand for your Cake” post – It’s My Birthday.  So come shopping with me for some subtle changes for the home:

I’m not one to change the decor of my home every season, but I do like subtle touches of it here and there like something for the table:




Or maybe even a new piece of artwork.. In fact..I think I’ll  introduce you to one of my favorite artists:  I truly admire the artwork of Frank Morrison.  His art is unique and will make a statement that you simply can not miss. The exaggerated body parts and flowing motion of the characters depicted in Frank’s art work are his signature and provide us with a glimpse of his endless creativity and talent. – See more at: .  These are some of my favorite pieces:

This one is called “Take Five”  –  I love how he depicted the couple as needing a break after creating a little music of their own.


She is “The Boss”  – and ready to rule the world..


“Swagger”  is who he goes by and he defiitely has it!  This man looks like he invented Swag


Meet “Red Sugar” –  ain’t she sweet.. the warm red tones in this art will definitely warm your walls this season

red sugar-1339684048

The sultry look of “Harlem Blue” is a stunning showstopper:

“Sax Serenade” will add the pefect music flare to your wall


Meet “Chanel” – I love the 70’s flare of her style – She’s fierce yet sexy  and definitely unstoppable. I truly love it but it’s sold out  🙁


Luckily, I was able to purchase “Dream Catcher” .  This was destined to be mine because I’m opening my arms to catch my dream.


I also visited my favorite Home Goods store and found these items to add as well.  The coffee table base has a woderful warm tone and the glass top is pefect to add one of these lovely vases.  So, as you see, you can bring in Fall and it doesn’t mean you have to fall short on color.  Just add a few pieces without breaking the bank.


Thank you for joining me on my shopping spree and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did… It’s September – Lets Fall in love with Autumn and oh — Happy Birthday to ME And My Twin!!