A Room With A View

Leaving Newark and coming to the quaint southern town has been a rewarding decision for Bernie.  Ever since we finished her boudoir, we’ve been busying ourselves getting her warm humble abode ready before the holidays approach and I have to admit … Continue reading

Giving You Heads Up!

A few months ago I joined a Facebook group “It’s a Garden Thing“.  I truly adore being a part of this group of friendly people who love their gardens and sharing them with the cyber world.  In this group there was a lady showing some beautiful head planters. I was mesmerized on how beautiful they were. My motto is plants are people too.. green people and they need you to nourish, groom and sometimes even talk to them.  Head planters almost makes you feel like you’re talking face to face with your plants.  Looking at their faces with empty heads makes you think, what kind of hairdo would complete their look (you know how we women love our hair to be right 🙂  – it sets the tone)  “Head Planters” give your plants the personality they deserve.  I did some research for head planters.. here are some favorites I came across:

This African Queen head planter is beautiful.  I love the beaded detail along the side of her face



and this little darling in pure white is simply lovely



and for buddha lovers.. these are perfect



and then there’s this one with it’s exotic eyes



You can so much fun with them creating a new look simply by changing her hair. Are you intrigued yet? Well, I couldn’t stand not having a beautiful planter so I asked who, where, & how do I get one.  Low and behold, they were being made by a group member. I contacted her and she showed me some of the ones she had left. The minute I saw this lady.. I screamed.. she’s the one!!  I want her – so ladies (and gents) …. I’d like for you to meet Elfredah..


Here’s the clinker.. I have an aunt name Alfreda.. how coincidental was that.  I couldn’t wait to get her and settled into her new home with me and my green family. She arrived and  I went to the nursery to find her new hairdo. The plant I found is called Emina.. and guess what.. my twin’s name is Amina.. (both pronounced the same) so you know this planter was meant to be for me and this is her new look all dressed up!

Isn’t she a beauty… I absolutely love it!!  On Friday’s Feature post, I’m going to introduce to you the HeadMaker Lady.  So I hope you join me in getting to know a little about Cynthia and I’ll be showing you more of the lovely ladies she created.. So stay tuned!    You may want to order one for yourself.  Smooches ?

Garden Diva Chic

It’s been almost two years ago she became a Diva Chic.. It’s time to redress her.. but here’s a Tuesday throwback from her original look..   She’ll be getting a fresher look this summer.. Enjoy reading about her past

Today I finally decided to go to the nursery with this wire bodice I’ve had for few years.  She sat in my flower bed naked but nice.  I just had a good idea to cover her up with some plants.

I went to Wingard’s Nursey in Lexington because they had a complete potting area and very friendly staff to help with any questions I may have.   The first step was to put coconut fiber all around to hold the dirt.  I added the cordyline plant as the head topper

Next was time to be creative with plants.  I chose succulents and mostly hens&chicks plants because they’re easy to grow and require the least maintenance.

Once the plants were all in, I covered the fiber with spanish moss to complete the look.

This is the finished product of my Diva Chic (named from the hens&chic plants she’s filled with)

Can’t wait to see how she really looks when all the plants begin to really grow..let’s hope her hips don’t spread too much  🙂

No Bulb Needed

Hey there!!  Just a real quick share –  I was so excited about the – I’ll call it – Breakfast at Tiffany’s – inspired Chandelier I caught on sale at Lowe’s that I forgot to show you what else I picked up.

This was $2.00 – not sure what I’ll do with it.. but I liked the shape and the thickness of the glass.  Pretty cool.. not bad for two bucks

and this was $6.75 —  this one.. I freaking Love!

Since I did not have anything in mind to use it for I just got one – till I got home and realized what I could use it for —–



(I could kick myself for not getting 2 or 3 or 4 uggghhhhh!!)   Did you ever do that???

A natural wonder

I always wonder how does this plant know when to bloom? I mean bulbs planted in the ground know it’s time to bloom because the change of the season but this plant stays in the house all year long… Hmmmmm….  I just wonder??   Is there a calendar built in membrane that says Christmas is coming.. Chuckles.   Anyway… I’m just loving my Christmas cactus…  Here it is starting to bloom

I went out of town for a few days and came back to this

I paid a visit to the town thrift store to see what they had.. and saw a bag of these small ornaments (16)  for $0.50..

and to think Target thought they had a bargain (but I know not)

So, why not add them to the Christmas cactus plant (after all – it kinda makes since being that they’re Christmas balls) like I did with the big dining room plant.


These things are so cheap.. I think I’ll use them in the garden for a bit of whimsical all year long…So I’m headed back to see  if they have any more larger ones…. and if I luck up.. you’ll be the first to know…..  TaTa….