On the Porch

Hey Guys!  Summer is here and I’ve been doing a few things around the house.  I have project I can’t wait to share with you, but first I’d like to share my summer porch style and how I accomplished a … Continue reading

Here Comes 2017!


As I’m winding down from 2016 and getting ready for a new year, I thought I’d get a jump start on the table setting for a New Year’s day brunch.  Last year I did a New Year’s Eve get-together and I thought I’d do a brunch this year.  I pulled a few items I already had around the house to set a delightful table without spending hardly any money.  I wanted to use different plates but didn’t want to buy any, but then I came across these decorative plastic plates in At Home Store and they were perfect! I was able to have a new setting that gave me an semi-elegant look without breaking the bank.  I pulled out my Royal Copley BlackAmoor head vases and instead of flowers I used plume feathers which added a bit of drama to them.


This was the perfect opportunity to use a few yard sale items I bought this past summer, so I chose gold and ivory as my color scheme.  The vintage King’s Crown candy dish  was $5.00


The crystal dish with the gold pedestal and utensils was $10.00.  This bowl set is simply beautiful.  I actually bought it from my neighbor who was selling it because she had no use for it.  She was happy to know I would make use of it because it belonged to her mother.



I lucked up and found a matching bowl to my vintage Georges Briard bowl for $2.00 at Goodwill and paired it with another $2.00 vintage pressed glass cake stand flipped over to use as a pedestal for the punch bowl since it’s a small group.  With all this elegance on the table, it’s hard to believe the plates are plastic.. (chuckles)

nyetable7It has a few scratches but I was happy to take it because it matches my chip & dip set passed down from my grandmother.


The wine glasses were found at an antique store and I’ve had them well over 15 years.  The confetti glasses were from Goodwill and they were $1.00/set of 2.


This may be a bit of gold overload, but hey- it’s New Years! I’m looking forward to having the brunch and partaking in girltalk.  I haven’t planed the menu yet, but I’ll put something nice together and have a new recipe to share with you (I’m sure).  Tomorrow, I’ll add the name tags, napkins and utensils later to complete the look.  But for now I’m happy I did a jump start instead of waiting like did for Thanksgiving :-).   Are you planning an NYE event at your home this year?  If so, I’d love to hear about it.  I’ll check back with you tomorrow or Saturday for my finished look and to wish you a happy.  Until then, happy hunting while your thrift your house into a home.

As always – Smooches!!





At the Big Grab

Last Saturday was that time of year again to go hunting at the annual Big Grab Yard Sale.  If you remember the goodies I got last year, well I was on the hunt to find more this year.  I know … Continue reading

$2.00 Tuesday


Good morning all!  Yes we made it past Monday.. phew… and today is a great day for a $2.00 Tuesday post.   Last week while at work I was listening to Pandora Sade station and this particular song came on.. I paused for a few to divulge the tune and pay attention to the lyrics.   The tune captured me and when he started singing, I immediately fell in love with it and had to have it.  Sure, I could have done the “itune” thing and download the song… but I’m old school.. I want the CD.  I visited my trusty site half.com and found it.  Of course you know I was thrilled when the price was $1.99.  It came just in time, because me and hubby are headed on a vacay to the carribbean in a couple weeks, so this cd is definitely going on the mp3 to play while sailing on the blue seas.  (and yes, the entire cd is a winner, yippeee)

ziggy cd


I’ve been ordering music from that site for over 20 years and have found some really good music at excellent prices.  So if you’re ever looking for cds, check out that site.  Moving along on the terrific $2.00 Tuesday post.. I definitely am giving “High Fives” because you guys have found some really fantastic bargains.

My twin, Amina, found this little red hot number and was thrilled.  She snagged this yummy cranberry color mini crockpot, and it’s the perfect for her kitchen decor.


She loves entertaining (especially now that Game of Thrones is back) and it’s going to come in handy for serving warm dips.  It was in mint condition. Kudos to you Amina!


Next up is this awesome find that my insta-buddy @adesignerathome found…  A brass planter and her plant looks quite happy in it.  We all know how pricey large planters can be so this was an excellent find!



Then Linda over at LindaGLovingHome found a pair of brass candlesticks.  She polished them up,  found some glass votive holders, attached corks to the bottom, added a bit of glam and voila!  Her new creation – and perfection combination of crystal and brass – tealight candlesticks  – aren’t they sweet!!



Another fantastic find was this mid-century bar caddy another insta-buddy  @midcentury_experience found.  I love how it’s styled – simply perfect with the barware.   Martinis anyone??   High five on this!


Next up is this cute frame my FBF, Machelle, who’s over at the facebook group Capital City Thrifters.  She added her own little bling to it and now it’s sitting pretty!


So you see.. there are “Many Waters” to tread in the sea of thrifting.  We are out here finding all kinds of terrific bargains to use in our homes and hope this inspires you.  Thanks to everyone for playing along and allowing me to feature your picture.  After all, it’s not what it costs, but it’s how you style it.  Happy hunting!  And enjoy thrifting your house into a home!!  I hope you enjoyed my little tune for your listening pleasure and I’ll see you when I return.

Remember, while you’re out there and find your piece.. don’t forget to hashtag #urthriftygirlfinds, or send me a pic to have it featured.

Until next time — Smooches!











$2.00 Tuesday

Good morning .. Remember me!!  😊  Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while but, your girl had to take a hiatus from typing, blogging and thinking.. etc..   It’s so funny because I looked at my horoscope and it read: “You may find yourself in a dreary mood, Libra, with little ambition for getting things done. This may be your spirit’s way of letting you know that you need to slow down, take it easy, and take some time for yourself. You need to heed this feeling, because once you allow yourself some personal time and space you will begin to heal from this recent bout with melancholy. Yes, things are about to get better, and you need to recognize that even the most difficult times can get better.”  And truthfully speaking, that’s been my feeling for the past couple weeks.. Just feeling kind of dauncy.. a bit of ho-hum-ness.  but that’s ok.. I think we’re all entitled to that feeling.  I did make great use of my time by clearing emails, reading so many wonderful blogs (which I’ll be introducing them to you) and getting re-inspired – which is always a good thing!  So, thank you for bearing with me and following along.

I did muster up some desire to stop in Goodwill.  I needed to find a blanket for Ms. KoKo.. (I dare not buy one brand new – I always hit up Goodwill for her blankets and stuffed animals.. they’re only $0.25- $1.00.  I came across two cool items for my $2.00 Tuesday post..

mail holder9

A cute vintage mail holder for $0.75

and a basket planter for $1.25  – Two items.. total $2.00

The metal mail holder had a few rust spots, so I gave it a quick touch up with metallic gold paint



It’s a perfect organizer for the mail…

mail holder5

Not bad for 0.75 cents right?

mail holder6

And a planter always comes in handy.. actually I was needing one for my tropical plant.. (I’ve just been pussy-footing around going to get one… so this was perfect timing..)

Since I was painting, I decided to give it a quick new look..  I only had white and gold paints so I used them.. who knows, maybe I’ll change it later.. but not bad for $1.75

mail holder3

mail holder4

mail holder7

Remember… It’s not how much it costs, but its how you style it.. These items were definitely worth $2.00. Have you found anything you’d like to share..?  Don’t forget to hashtag #Urthriftygirlfinds so I can peep you out.  Until next time darlings!  😘 Happy hunting..