Friday Finds

Hey Guys! I hope all is well with you… I realize things have been a bit quiet around the blog, but it’s only because I’ve been outside enjoying as much summer as I can.  It’s hard to believe Fall is … Continue reading

$2.00 Tuesday

Hey Guys – It’s a New Year and and I have new items to kick off the $2.00 Tuesday Series.  I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted for this series, but it’s not been easy trying to find … Continue reading

A Room With A View

Leaving Newark and coming to the quaint southern town has been a rewarding decision for Bernie.  Ever since we finished her boudoir, we’ve been busying ourselves getting her warm humble abode ready before the holidays approach and I have to admit … Continue reading

Thrifty Thursday

Forgive me guys, I know I’m suppose to continue the Victorian Charm home tour, but I wanted to interrupt it with a quick post of thrifty Thursday.. I have to say one thing for sure …. it’s been a freaking thrifters’ paradise out here.   I can envision us (fellow thrifters) sitting in the anonymous cyber circle and admitting to our guilty pleasure of being a “thrifterholic”, meanwhile showcasing our fancy finds,  giving the reason behind the addiction.  So with that being said.. My name is Jamala and I’m a “thrifterholic”.   Anyone else ready to step inside the cyberbox and confess with me?  Don’t be afraid..there’s a lot of love in this group… chuckles…. we’re birds of a feather that flock together… 🙂

Okay.. now that’s over and done with.. let’s jump to all the goodies that were found!

I heard about a new Goodwill that opened in Lancaster and decided to take a visit.  Glad I did, because I found this loveseat for $50.00.  Excellent condition – no stains, smells or damages.  So this came home with me for my son’s house.  He just purchased his first “starter” home and he’s pretty excited.  Woohooo to him!!  This will be perfect for his living room.


I’m no wine specialist or sommelier but when we popped into another off the beaten path thrift store, I stumbled upon what looked like swizzle stick with a cork thingy..and did a quick research and found out it was a Winecicle.  They sell for in the range from $8.00 (without an Aerator) to $50.00 (with an Aerator).  If you’re like me and hadn’t heard of them, you simply freeze it approximately one hour before using your wine.  Once frozen, place the icicle in the bottle to keep your wine perfectly chilled  Wait for 10 mins and it is ready to pour at right temp.  They’re easy to wash and clean and it’s dishwasher safe.


The one I found has an Aerator and it was $4.00.  A perfect accessory for the bar cart

friday finds8

If you’re following me on Instagram, I posted this gorgeous crystal cut pitcher that was another thrifted find for $2.00  –  They make my fresh cut hydrangeas look so beautiful

friday finds9

another look… because they’re just so darn beautiful… (I loooooves me some hydrangeas!!!)

friday finds10

insert another smile   🙂

I got an email from the Goodwill Blog letting us know of another Goodwill grand-opening in West Columbia. Me and my musketeers got up early and headed there and boy are we glad we did.  I found this set of Threshold gold flatware for $10.50.  They had 6 boxes  – so needless to say… you know what I used my contest giftcards on (yippppeeeee !!)

friday finds11

A thrifting diva Toni found this snazzy club chair for $12.46.  I can’t wait to see what she does with it.. High-5 Toni!

friday finds12

and fellow Instagrammer Marla found this fabulous pair of metal & lucite lamps at a local thrift store.. (She really peeped these bad-boys out!!) she spent a whopping $6.00 on  High-5 and a hip bump to you girlfriend!)

friday finds13

and last but not least – Up next – is one of the grandest mirrors found by another thrifting diva Shelly and it was “THEEEE best” $45.00 spent.  You know my mouth dropped open and eyes got big as pool balls.. lol… She gets 2 high-5’s, a hip bump and a heel kick on this score.

friday finds2

She’s using it in her boutique and as you see, it adds the perfect chic-ness for her decor- WAY TO GO Shelly!!!

friday finds3

Now you see why I was soooooo excited to post a Thrifty Thursday???  It’s really fantastic seeing all the gorgeous finds out here and how everyone is thrifting their house into a home.  As always, it’s not what it costs, but how you style it.   Happy Hunting and have a wonderful weekend!  (up next is the Victorian Charm home tour continuation 🙂







$2.00 Tuesday

Good morning .. Remember me!!  ?  Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while but, your girl had to take a hiatus from typing, blogging and thinking.. etc..   It’s so funny because I looked at my horoscope and it read: “You may find yourself in a dreary mood, Libra, with little ambition for getting things done. This may be your spirit’s way of letting you know that you need to slow down, take it easy, and take some time for yourself. You need to heed this feeling, because once you allow yourself some personal time and space you will begin to heal from this recent bout with melancholy. Yes, things are about to get better, and you need to recognize that even the most difficult times can get better.”  And truthfully speaking, that’s been my feeling for the past couple weeks.. Just feeling kind of dauncy.. a bit of ho-hum-ness.  but that’s ok.. I think we’re all entitled to that feeling.  I did make great use of my time by clearing emails, reading so many wonderful blogs (which I’ll be introducing them to you) and getting re-inspired – which is always a good thing!  So, thank you for bearing with me and following along.

I did muster up some desire to stop in Goodwill.  I needed to find a blanket for Ms. KoKo.. (I dare not buy one brand new – I always hit up Goodwill for her blankets and stuffed animals.. they’re only $0.25- $1.00.  I came across two cool items for my $2.00 Tuesday post..

mail holder9

A cute vintage mail holder for $0.75

and a basket planter for $1.25  – Two items.. total $2.00

The metal mail holder had a few rust spots, so I gave it a quick touch up with metallic gold paint



It’s a perfect organizer for the mail…

mail holder5

Not bad for 0.75 cents right?

mail holder6

And a planter always comes in handy.. actually I was needing one for my tropical plant.. (I’ve just been pussy-footing around going to get one… so this was perfect timing..)

Since I was painting, I decided to give it a quick new look..  I only had white and gold paints so I used them.. who knows, maybe I’ll change it later.. but not bad for $1.75

mail holder3

mail holder4

mail holder7

Remember… It’s not how much it costs, but its how you style it.. These items were definitely worth $2.00. Have you found anything you’d like to share..?  Don’t forget to hashtag #Urthriftygirlfinds so I can peep you out.  Until next time darlings!  ? Happy hunting..