Friday Finds

Woooohooooo– We made it through another week!! It appears old man Winter is really gone and now it’s time to get outside.  Things are rolling along from our March Madness and I can’t tell you how happy I am.  I’m … Continue reading

Friday Finds


Every wander in a store and find an item at a great price and then see “why” it was a great price?  Well that was the case with this 9″ brass pineapple.  It was a misfit, but for $6.00 I had no problem bringing it home with me. I guess someone thought it’d be useless because it’s missing a couple of tips.  Well given the fact I know I’m not perfect and got a few broken wings myself, I figured it’ll be fine for me.. who am I to judge right?? One thing about me.. I’m not the perfectionist type (and please know, by no means, I’m not knocking anyone who is).  My home is filled with vintage items, so I’m used to things not being “perfect”.     I’ve been looking for a bigger one (without paying $80 to $120 for it) and they’re extremely hard to come by.  Even though it was badly tarnished,  I knew my trusty “Barkeepers Friend” could handle that part, especially after seeing how it brought the coat rack back to life.   However, the broken stems.. oh well.. can’t do anything about that.


After polishing it and setting it out.. I think it’ll do just fine


With it being shiny and clean, the two broken stems aren’t so noticeable




The brass crab was another find at a yard sale for $3.00.  Ever since I saw this one I’ve been wanting one.  The only difference, mine is a trinket box (which is larger) instead of a bottle opener.


When I created my Antler tray I knew I’d have fun styling it.  My motto “patience is a virtue” (plus the mere fact of re-directing my spending habits) really pays off.


I’m definitely satisfied  🙂 with the style of the tray.


I also found this brass candle holder for $5.00 at RestoreHabitat


Which looked great on my Thanksgiving table (I wish I had polished it before – but again it was a last minute decision)


Another find – which I showed on Instagram (because I couldn’t wait).. and was also excited about was a black panther planter.  I saw this during our Mountain trip, but it was actually a light, and it was $60.00 – I was very tempted, however, I really didn’t need it as a light fixture, but it sure was fierce!  It was the first I’ve ever seen.


And then this cat crept in my life… for $4.99


I haven’t picked a plant to use in it just yet, or I may not put one in at all and use if for something else, but one thing for sure is I’m glad I found it!


That’s all I have to share for now.. I’m sure you’re out there shopping for holiday gifts, but in your travels and hunts – if you score a terrific find – don’t forget to share using hashtag #urthriftygirlfinds to be featured on the next FridayFinds.  As always – Happy Hunting while you thrift your house into a home!







Friday Finds

Happy Friday folks!!! It’s been an exhausting week for me so I’m truly embracing this weekend.. I hope you all are doing well.  Last week I tagged along on another golf trip with my husband and you know what guys… It was another fantastic trip of me finding great deals out there.  If you recall my last tag-along trip I found my beautiful Culver glass barware (still jumping for joy over that!), well this time I found some more goodies.. the only problem was I couldn’t fit them all in the truck.  Let me start by saying on my first stop I spotted this brass etagere.. That’s when I felt really, really and literally sick to my stomach when I realized I couldn’t get this home with me.  Talk about meditating on an object.. I was trying hard to figure a way I could take this apart and get it home with me.  For $39.98 I was hot mad.. Grrrrrrrr….It’s truly another piece that will haunt me.  It was a good solid structure and very heavy. The glass shelves were thick and the brass was sturdy.  It did need some cleaning..but nothing Barkeepers Friend can’t handle..  It’s times like this that I realize I need to travel in a U-Haul…lol


Found a pair of barstools for $30.00/pr (and they swivel)


This here was a perfectly good chair and the fabric was in great condition.  I liked the faint chevron pattern, but I wasn’t too big on the legs, however, for $14.00 I could learn to like them.


Came across this picture for $5.00


Here’s another ottoman for $18.00.  I did like this one but had no place for it..


This chair & ottoman set was very comfortable, although it could use some cleaning.  All in all the fabric was good condition and for $45.00 ( it’s workable)


I totally loved this screen!  If only I had a place for it – it would have made it in the truck


This pair of contemporary lamps did make it home. They’re perfect for my son’s home and they were only $30.00 for the pair..


and lastly.. this wasn’t a bad looking chair and for $29.00 – well worth the price


I’m totally astonished what I find out here at such great prices.  Even though I couldn’t bring them with me, I just chalked it up that it’ll be someone else’s blessing.  Not everyone can afford new, but it’s great to see people can find good furniture to decorate their home on a dime.   I hope you liked my thrift finds and wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Until next… Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home !!




$2.00 Tuesday


Good morning all!  Yes we made it past Monday.. phew… and today is a great day for a $2.00 Tuesday post.   Last week while at work I was listening to Pandora Sade station and this particular song came on.. I paused for a few to divulge the tune and pay attention to the lyrics.   The tune captured me and when he started singing, I immediately fell in love with it and had to have it.  Sure, I could have done the “itune” thing and download the song… but I’m old school.. I want the CD.  I visited my trusty site and found it.  Of course you know I was thrilled when the price was $1.99.  It came just in time, because me and hubby are headed on a vacay to the carribbean in a couple weeks, so this cd is definitely going on the mp3 to play while sailing on the blue seas.  (and yes, the entire cd is a winner, yippeee)

ziggy cd


I’ve been ordering music from that site for over 20 years and have found some really good music at excellent prices.  So if you’re ever looking for cds, check out that site.  Moving along on the terrific $2.00 Tuesday post.. I definitely am giving “High Fives” because you guys have found some really fantastic bargains.

My twin, Amina, found this little red hot number and was thrilled.  She snagged this yummy cranberry color mini crockpot, and it’s the perfect for her kitchen decor.


She loves entertaining (especially now that Game of Thrones is back) and it’s going to come in handy for serving warm dips.  It was in mint condition. Kudos to you Amina!


Next up is this awesome find that my insta-buddy @adesignerathome found…  A brass planter and her plant looks quite happy in it.  We all know how pricey large planters can be so this was an excellent find!



Then Linda over at LindaGLovingHome found a pair of brass candlesticks.  She polished them up,  found some glass votive holders, attached corks to the bottom, added a bit of glam and voila!  Her new creation – and perfection combination of crystal and brass – tealight candlesticks  – aren’t they sweet!!



Another fantastic find was this mid-century bar caddy another insta-buddy  @midcentury_experience found.  I love how it’s styled – simply perfect with the barware.   Martinis anyone??   High five on this!


Next up is this cute frame my FBF, Machelle, who’s over at the facebook group Capital City Thrifters.  She added her own little bling to it and now it’s sitting pretty!


So you see.. there are “Many Waters” to tread in the sea of thrifting.  We are out here finding all kinds of terrific bargains to use in our homes and hope this inspires you.  Thanks to everyone for playing along and allowing me to feature your picture.  After all, it’s not what it costs, but it’s how you style it.  Happy hunting!  And enjoy thrifting your house into a home!!  I hope you enjoyed my little tune for your listening pleasure and I’ll see you when I return.

Remember, while you’re out there and find your piece.. don’t forget to hashtag #urthriftygirlfinds, or send me a pic to have it featured.

Until next time — Smooches!











$2.00 Tuesday


Hey everyone! I must say there are quite a few die-hard thrifters out here and they’ve found some awesome items.  I couldn’t wait to show you guys what they found.  I, for one, will kick it off with my items, which are featured in the picture above.  Can you guess the item or items that cost $2.00?  Well, here’s the answer.. Blinged out clipboard $1.00.   Readers $1.00 (girl’s gotta have them)   Chic dish $2.00  so all together  $4.00 (insert smile).   I bought the dingy old clipboard from a thrift store.. (it should have been a quarter) but since the proceeds go to helping animals, I didn’t squawk.


You feel me… 😒

But oh what a little paint and glitter will do!!


I had the items already and once I saw the fancy clipboard over at MonicaWantsIt, I had to have one.  My initial thought was to use vintage jewelry, but I just couldn’t make myself cut up perfectly good jewelry.. But they’re really gorgeous and you can view my pinterest board of all my favorites here.   If you’re like me (blind as a bat),  I stay strapped with readers around my neck.  So when I spotted these at an estate sale, I scooped them up REAL quick.  The chic little dish was a leftover from Holiday gifts section at Goody’s.  Originally $20.00 (yea right) marked down to $3.99 and I used my 50% coupon and $2.00 was the bottom price.


So those were my $2.00 finds.. Now let me show what else was found!! Brandi over at Don’tDisturbThisGroove is giving her daughter’s room a new look.  She revamped her dresser and found these gorgeous drawer pulls.for $2.00 .. They look like pearl earrings.. I love them!  image

Aren’t they perfect for a young lady’s room.. Visit her blog to see more of the makeover and her beautiful home. It’s worth visiting.

Next up, Michelle, a member of the Thrifting Divas FB group came across this fantastic decorative bowl to decorate  her sister’s home.image

The vibrant colors will really make the space pop and is a great accent piece.  I’m sure her sister will be truly pleased!  Up next is a “jaw-dropping” find by “thekoicurator”.  When I saw this and she got it for $2.00, I wanted to pass out!  Talk about $2.00 overload!! This vintage wall clock is one hellified find!  I was O-D-ing!!! Lol!  All of these were absolutely great finds!


I also need to share two more fantabulous finds.. My girl Machelle of CapitalCityThrifters found this knock-out “tickle me” feather door wreath for $2.95 (and y’all know I love me some feathers!)


And last but not least.. LindaG over at LindaGLovinghome found the perfect condiment caddy for her tropical outdoor oasis for $5.00.. What a bargain😊


So you see, it’s not what it costs, but how you style it .. I thank those for allowing me to share their awesome finds, and I hope you’ve been inspired by a few items and start looking for those great bargains.  Remember to use #urthriftygirlfinds on Instagram or send me an email to be featured with your $2.00 Finds.  Until next time -Happy Hunting  while thrifting your house into a home!  Smooches!