Herbal Cart

It’s Spring and time to tend to the garden.  The perennials that have been resting all winter has finally awakened and ready to come alive.  Your thrifty gal has been waiting to work on a simple project.  Fresh garden herbs are just wonderful to cook with and I love growing them (if you’ve never used them – trust me- make it a point to do it this year).  I caught Home Depot’s Spring Black Friday sale and bought several starter plants.   I spotted a utility cart at the yard sale I went to a few weeks back (when I bought all the seashells).  That day, not only did I hit the seashell jackpot, but I also hit the flower pot jackpot!  I bought the cart for $5.00 and the flower pots were $4.00 (for all of them – total count- 45), I know, I know, I’ve got a lot of planting to do   🙂 .   That particular yard sale landed me some great deals.


Well I figured this cart will make the perfect “go to” stand for my herbal garden which will be right outside my kitchen door on the deck.  Now of course it needs a major new look.. something that will be bright and cheery to make my herbs grow healthy.   I’ve been stock piling all the pretty spring colors of spray paint to work on projects this summer. I decided on the colors and went to work… first I cleaned the cart and the painted it a pretty turquoise.  Then I painted a few of the clay pots to plant my herbs in.  Here is my the new look of my Herbal Cart

This simple project took 2 hours to complete and I’m so happy about the new look

I colorful tape was a perfect accent to the colors I chose.


These herbs are going to give my summer meals a bold new flavor.. mmmmmm and the delightful fragrance smells so pretty when I walk past them






Thrifting the Day Away

I’ll take 70 degree weather for the first day of winter – any day.  It was the last day for me to catch any deal I could find at the local thrift store called the Lighthouse, because they’re not normally open on Saturdays.  Let me take a few minutes to describe this thrift store.  It’s no where near fancy but the volunteers who work there really do their best to make everything as presentable as possible and I applaud them and their efforts.  The items in the store are donated and they sell the items really cheap (sometimes too cheap).  They operate on a shoestring budget but somehow they manage to stay afloat to maintain the only thrift store in town.  Many people benefit from the items they sell (especially the clothes), but for people like me who look for home stuff – I really luck up..  just today I found these glasses there and see the price.. yes .10 cents

and these were only .50 cents –  so you know they came home with me.. and they cleaned up quite  nicely..

Well I found a vase and this plant stand… the two together were .75 cents.. (I said are you sure..?? and she said yes.. – I’m like “Wow”..)  I feel like I’m stealing the stuff for real.. but these are the two items..

The plant stand had a bit of chipping going on and the leg was a bit loose..

   nothing that hot glue won’t fix to tighten it up..The vase (which was an average vase you find all over the place.. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of it before I did my “thang” with it.

I taped it up and began to give it a new look.. (spray paint to the rescue!)

       tape came off and this is the new look   

not bad huh??

Time to put it to use.. but first I grabbed a pine tree stem and some small rocks to fill the glass

Sprayed the plant stand and added it to the display

oh .. and I got this barely used candle from there for 10 cents and decided to spruce it up ..   the paper flower came from a bag of popourri and the ribbon was a salvaged piece from the holly jolly job being thrown away – a dab of hot glue and it’s spruced up

sat2       sat14     

So you see how lucky I get at the lighthouse!  I hope they add Saturday to a normal open day real soon –  🙁

My Lighthouse deal