Friday Finds

Happy Friday folks!!! It’s been an exhausting week for me so I’m truly embracing this weekend.. I hope you all are doing well.  Last week I tagged along on another golf trip with my husband and you know what guys… … Continue reading

Thrifty Gifting

As I was helping my sons decorate their homes, a thought came across my mind.. and that was HouseWarming.. I remember back when we were young and we all moved into our new places (especially for the first time) it … Continue reading

Awesome Auction

A few weeks ago me and my two musketeers (mom and god-aunt) went to an auction.  My aunt had just re-located here and had not been to one, and since she’s shopping for things for her home, we decided to go.  I use to go to them all the time (it was the start of my “hoarder” sydrome)  getting stuff “just in case”.  While there I could feel the excitement building up in me and seeing all those fantastic items, my mind was racing 50 mph, and my mouth was salivating over all the goodies I could bring home with me.  I could have really done some purse damage if I hadn’t stopped myself, and mind you.. my mom kept saying.. “Kim, where are you going to put anything..” but yet I was listening like Charlie Brown to his teacher “womp womp”



This was just a tip of the iceberg.. there were lots and lots of good stuff inside and outside.  It’s so funny, I always joke about  this scenario, but while I’m sitting there, I clearly envision my sons telling them to “SELL IT ALL!!!”.. lol.. all my worldly posessions.. gone to the highest bidder… I only hope they’ll get sentimental and keep a few items.   But moving along and enough of that thought…. You know I have a chair fettish, and the white chair you see below almost made it home with me.  I did give a bid at 25 but I wasn’t going higher…. (I know what you’re thinking.. foolish me.. and yes I regret not getting it.. but I had no space and had to let it be the “OTGA”  mind you .. it sold for $35.00


I wish I had taken more pictures to share with you, but I was just too enthralled with watching the auction.  But ….I’d like to share with you exactly what came home with us.  My eyes zeroed in on this brass chinoiserie lamp and I snagged it for $10.00! (shade included but I want to change it)  You know I was excited..


I also got this lamp for $10.00 too.. I said “shucks”  for ten bucks its got to go somewhere..


I got a box of shades and vintage belts  and evening purses all for $20.00


This rolling utility cart guess how much –    $10.00  (yes, that’s my clutter behind here.. and I’m embarrassed.. so glad the yard sale is this week, because it’s all coming out and major cleaning is about to happen).  I promised my sons I won’t let this pile up happen again.. (insert eyes rolling) yea right…


My aunt was the big winner – she got this outdoor sofa set for $120.00



The set included the sofa, chair, coffee table, side table and cushions and it was like new.  The colors were perfect for her porch  and not to mention, how comfortable it sits.


She found the cute mosaic candle holders at “At Home”  – (we’ve found our new

and last but not least she bought two of the Victorian green chairs you see in the back drop for $35.00 each..  I’ll be showing you a closer look later on when they’re all set in the house.  auction5

This was by far one of the best auctions I’ve attended in a long time.   High five to my buddies Johnathan & James of Ammons Auction for coercing me to come.  I’m so glad we decided to go, but really wish I had taken more pictures.. but next time, I’ll have more pics to show.  Have you ever gone to an auction?  Auctions and estate sales are just other venues to shop for home items and they’re really fun to go to.  If you had never been to an auction, get there early, and be prepared to be there a long time, so pack a lunch or snack and something to drink and enjoy the show.  You never know what you’ll find and as always – Happy Hunting – thrifting your house into a home.

Until next  – smooches!




$2.00 Tuesday

Good afternoon everyone!  It’s your thrifty girl and it’s Tuesday.  I’m here to show you that I’ve struck again and lucked up with a $2.00 find.   Today’s lucky purchase was from The Lighthouse, a local thrift shop in our town that’s ran by volunteers.   I took a much needed break from my dining room makeover.  I must say it’s coming along quite nicely and I look forward to showing it to you soon.

Today’s $2.00 item was this lovely vintage Samsonite suitcase.

They had them tucked all the way in the back and my keen thrifty eyes spotted them.  The suitcase was $2.00!!  I couldn’t believe it.  On top of that.. I found the matching train case for $1.00.  Wow!!!  I love vintage suitcases.  The train cases are so sturdy and have plenty room for all our toiletries.   I opened up the suitcase and it was never used..OMG!! I couldn’t believe how clean and pristine it was.. and the best part – no smell!!!!

Do you see how clean this is… wow…

Even the little side pouch was in perfect condition.  Realizing how bad the airplane crew damages luggage, I began using vintage ones because if they’re damaged I wouldn’t loose too much money on expensive luggage.

The train case was slightly used.. but nothing that a little awesome can’t clean

I like the fact they have my first initial (too bad not the W but I’ll look for a sticker  to fix that.

If only I could luck up with a plane ticket then I’ll be good to go 🙂

Well that’s all I have to share for now.   If you thrifty eyes have found any items, and would like to share,  post them on Instagram using hashtag #urthriftygirlfinds  and I will feature them.  You can also follow me on my thrifting journey on Twitter or Instagram where I’m posting pictures of my other fab finds.  Remember as always “It’s VivaLaVintage”!!

Bon Jour Loveys.. Smooches..

Patience is a Virtue

Good morning all!  I hope you had a fantastic week.. It’s hump day and I’ve got something to show you.  You know how I keep joking there’s a thrift fairy that floats around me, but seriously….I’m really starting to believe it’s true.  Patience is truly a virtue.  I’ve been looking for a chair for my office space ever since I completed it (you can see the transformation here) I’d been contemplating recovering the chair I’m using but had to face it.. it was too big, however, since I had it around, I’ve been using it until the right one came along.   I needed a chair that wouldn’t eat alot of space and yet be comfortable.  I visited my sister in Jersey this past week and was itching to get to a Goodwill.  Well we chucked on down to one in Springfield on Route 22.. and guess what I found as soon as I walked in the door.  YES!!  The perfect chair.  Ok.. I didn’t take the picture at Goodwill (battery died) but got it home and here is my Goodwill find.


I researched it and discovered it’s an Ikea Tobias chair that retails for $100.00.

Seating - IKEA TOBIAS Chair $100 - ghost, chair, ghost chair ikea, ikea ghost chair


The chair fits perfectly and it’s very comfortable.  It makes my cozy little office space feel more open.


Well the absolute best part of it.. I paid $14.99 for it!!!

Lol!!!  Yes!  So, as I say, patience is a virtue.. eventually you’ll find what you’re looking for at the right price.


A total score!!!