Not So Square Vase

I spotted this vase during a thrift store visit for $3.99.  Just a plain, simple vase.. back in the day when something was plain it was considered a “square”.   I thought it was cute..I didn’t have a square vase so I figured why not..

Being cooped up inside because of the weather has made your thrifty girl go a little paint crazy and decided to snazz it up a bit..  First let’s tape it up…

It’s going in my dining room so I chose a copper paint… Paint is all done and it’s dry..  and  I added some crystals and fresh flowers and “VOILA!!!!”

A closer look….

The copper blends well with the artwork above it…

Now this vase isn’t so square after all….  (and to think I had it for sale at the yard sale.. I’m so glad it didn’t sell because I wouldn’t have this lovely vase)