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So what was I up to this past weekend?  I was actually doing my first cooking presentation/punch bowl social.  Yes, your girl went live in front of a group of lovely young ladies to demonstrate how you can cook a … Continue reading

Winner Announcement


I hope everyone enjoyed their “ringing in” the New Year eve.  Ours was a quiet evening finishing out the final season episodes of Game of Thrones marathon while we dined on Shrimp and Rice and a special vintage bottle of champagne.  This marks 30 years of sharing New Year’s Eve together and it was worth celebrating.


It’s something special about celebrating a New Year coming in and people usually make resolutions,  set goals,  promise to break habits, etc.. but me personally, I’m not going to put myself in that place.  I’ll just stay focus on doing things that make me happy, smile more and stay kind.  Seeing how life can change things so quickly, I just want to enjoy most of it while I can.


I absolutely enjoy having this blog and pray all continues to go well with me being able to maintain it.  Sharing my bit of life with you and being thankful that you take a moment out of your busy life to see what I’m up to is truly a blessing – and Thank You for being there.


Last week I shared a delicious pizza recipe and had a giveaway…. The winner of the spice combo is Ginene Nagel!!!  I have to be honest about the original winner.. it was my son Amir.  I had to laugh because of all people. He hardly ever reads my blog, and it was his first time leaving a comment and he won.  So, I graciously asked him to decline the gift.. and the next winner chosen was Ginene. Congrats to you..perhaps this is a good start of the new year for you 🙂


I won’t be wordy, I just wanted to pop in to announce the winner.. I’ll be back tomorrow with another tasty recipe I served for my family brunch.  So relax, enjoy your day off and we’ll chat soon.