Office Flip

As the old saying goes, “the quiet before the storm” meaning all is quiet before the storm hits.  Well, for this post, I’m flipping that quote because of my sister’s office makeover.  It was literally the storm before the quiet. … Continue reading

Subtle Changes

Since the Living Room just recently given a makeover, I made some subtle changes.  When I completed the makeover I had only one lamp in the room.  It was a peacock  (which I have a fettish for) but actually I’ve been eyeing … Continue reading

Living Room Makeover


After Saving Grace, and getting excited about her new look, I decided it was time to make a few changes in the Living Room.  I initially was going to put her in the foyer, but realized #1 she’s too big and #2 she needs to be in a room and be the focal point.   The Living Room gets the least visits in the house (actually I’m the only who goes in there, and that’s to put music on and water the plants).   The room wasn’t bad looking, but I felt it needed to be freshened up.  The walls and window treatments blended too much and beige was the “safe” color I chose.  It’s Spring and now I’m ready to give it that much needed attention.   Picking out paint colors was the hardest.  I couldn’t figure out which direction I wanted go, but once I got the color – the rest came easy.  After accomplishing a makeover in the DiningRoom for $100.00 I decided to challenge myself again.  Let’s take a look at where I started.


My target points were: I wanted the color to flow from the Dining Room; I wanted to create an accent wall; I needed to soften the look of the buck stove and change the area rug.

image image

I took the plunge at trying my luck at the stripe wall.  I really like how it turned out.  The fireplace and buck stove still needed a brighter look and thanks to my friends Nicole at Design it Vintage  and Meredith at ArtsandClassy, they gave me great suggestions that eased my fear of painting it white.  Thank you ladies!!  Your input was well appreciated.  The room looks so much brighter, and cheerful and I can’t be more pleased with the new look.  Here comes picture overload .. Lol..


Same area as above, but I painted the mirror with Rose Gold metallic paint.. She looks so much better.



See how much brighter the fireplace looks 😊




A view from the dining room is where Grace sits



By using the same window treatments saved money (besides I still like them) and now their true gold tone color really shows from the new wall color


The brass etagere was purchased for $30.00 a few months ago for the shop. Since we had to close unexpectedly, it found its new place here.  Now I have a place to display my vintage glass swan collection


I just couldn’t throw away that swatch of my favorite cheetah fabric from Sheba, so I covered a small vintage book and placed it under her ( for a pop of color)  Now I think I’ll cover the other two as well.


The other two books are covered and made a big difference



Clarissa came back to this room and sits gracefully in this corner


My plants are getting more light.  The Franco Albini ottoman (a Goodwill Find) holds my favorite DIY tray makeover ($2.00 item).


The view into the Living Room looks brighter and I love how it flows into the Dining a Room.  The room looks more spacious.


And if your eyes zeroed in on my peacock lamp, here’s a closer view.. (I love peacocks, too)


She was snagged at Kirkland’s ( on sale of course) and the florentine vintage wall sconces were  $5.00/pr.  The striped candles were yours truly DIY.


My carribbean girl artwork was purchased last summer when we went to the Bahamas for the family reunion was framed in an old frame I had in storage.  I just touched up the gold rim and oiled it.. It was a perfectly good frame- so why buy new.



The only brand new items in this room makeover are rug and bamboo plant stand, which were purchased at Home Goods and the white planter, purchased at Ross’s.  Everything else are ThriftScores, DIYers and vintage items.  So there you have it.. My accomplished $100.00 room makeover.  Oh and if you’re wondering about the other furniture.. I sold it – so I actually made money on this makeover and this really was free. Yippppeee!   So, let a sista know what you think 😉  Next up – my foyer.   Anyone else up for a Spring makeover challenge?  Join me.. Let’s do this!

me on grace

Until next time lovies – Thrift your house into a home !  Smooches


All Apart

Hi everyone!  The first session of my new venture consisted of taking the chair apart.  I have to admit, that was pretty interesting.  First we marked the chair’s fabric for where each piece goes,because once we take it apart, that becomes the pattern.

Taking it apart was not an easy task.   It was all tacked together.  Not one staple was in this chair.  You can imagine the million tacks we pulled out.

blue chair12

Lot’s of tugging and pulling to get the seams apart, while preserving the cloth.

Those hole pluggers were some tough cookies to get out..

Almost finished… I always wondered what kept the buttons tucked in.  Well – here was my answer.

Tacks, tacks and more tacks…..

All apart.. and this is what we are looking at… Ready to cover him up…

The frame goes home with me to sand and refinish…

So goodbye to the old Don look…..

I’ll keep you posted on the next step… Thanks for following me on this re-upholstery journey.


Pieces of Time

Hello there!  I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving and spending time with your loved ones.  My frenzy 4-day whirlwind came and went so fast and as much moving around I did- I had hoped I lost the 5 pounds I gained from the turkey day dinner- again – there goes that wishful thinking  …..  l0l.   I really miss my weekly posts and connecting with you guys – so now I can get back to all that fun and thank you for not forgetting me.

Friday was the official countdown and we hustled and bustled to organize, tag, hanging and straightening.  The front of the boutique looks quite pretty now (especially with my beautiful niece, Nadiyah, in front).  We also started the #ShopSmall campaign.

I’d like to share the grand opening and pictures of the shop.  The weather was perfect for the ribbon cutting and we had quite a few people join us with smiles and excitement about the shop.  

Our town mayor, Billy Hollingsworth, along with councilwoman, Cassie Fowler gave me the warmest welcome and thanked me for bringing my business to Whitmire.  I’m very happy to be a member of the Economic Development Board and to be able to work with some really nice people.

After cutting the ribbon, the onlookers were welcomed in to browse, shop, and partake in light refreshments.

We had a free raffle for a chance to win this custom framed artwork by HoeMama, a South Carolina artist who mixes art and mother nature to create some beautiful paintings.  You can view more of his works here.

As part of our effort in supporting local businesses and other entrepreneurs, we are carrying a line of homemade hand scrubs by ASG Handmade Designs.  These are made by a young lady, Jovana Castro, whom I truly admire for her creativity.  Her scrubs are absolutely wonderful and leave your hands feeling soft and smooth.  Not only does she create hand scrub, but she also makes greeting cards as well, which we will carry.  These nicely decorated jars are from her Pomegranate collection and they sell for $10.00ea.  If you’d like to order, please contact me.

Here is a sample of her greeting cards.  You can visit here to see more of her handcrafted beautiful cards.

We are pleased to be selling her products in Pieces of Time and wish her much success with her line of creations.

All in all, it was a fantastic day and I even was interviewed by our county newspaper (how exciting that was!)  Here are a few pictures of items around the shop, some of which sold that day (yipppeeee) – I’m glad I caught these pictures..


Of course I’ll be moving things around, adding pieces, putting more items around, but that’s the fun part – re-redecorating..  🙂

In all the excitement, I’m so glad we were able to snag a photo us..(I just love this her)

As we closed for the day, we reflected back and was pleased with the outcome

Then to my surprise on Monday, looky here!!   We made the front page of the paper!!

That put another smile on my face.. 🙂    You can read the article here.  I’m thanking you again for all your well wishes and encouragement and I look forward to sharing more moments in Pieces of Time with you.

Now,  I can finally get busy on another makeover… I have a table in mind that needs a new look.. wish me luck on this project, and of course.. you’ll be the first to see.  Take care everyone.. and I’ll see you soon.  Peace and blessings to you.. Smooches!!