Monday MakeOver

Sometimes you can look at items in your home and feel it’s not quite the look you want and decide to give it a new look.  Some may take the route of getting rid of it and buying new and … Continue reading

$2.00 Tuesday

Ever notice when you say you’re going to stop collecting something, all of a sudden, it keeps appearing? Screaming – look at me- tapping your shoulder- whispering – “come get me”… welcome to my fetish for peacocks….  There once was … Continue reading

Why I Choose Antiques

It’s no secret that I love interior decor.  Although being an interior decorator is not something I label myself of being, but I do offer suggestions and am always on the hunt.  But one question I get asked is “why … Continue reading

I Dug the Rug

The easiest and cheapest way to add some color to a room is adding accent pieces, pillows and area rugs.  For our “boudoir” I wanted to add an area rug for color, but it took some time.  I searched but … Continue reading

Empire Strikes Back

While everyone is happy about the new Star Wars movie, I on the other hand, am excited about the makeover of my empire chair.  If you recall, I had a long time friend in the antiques business who stored several … Continue reading