Are they Keepers?

You know it’s always a good feeling when you come across good deals.  Lately I’ve been doing really good at finding glassware at great prices.. These little ladies were sitting there waiting for a new home, and the seller hadn’t had any luck with finding them one.  So along comes me.. attracted to the shapes and colors of these precious little items and found myself asking.. how much (and why did I ask – chuckles- )  oh.. temptation- that’s right.. and she said the magic words.. “I’ll let you have them for $3.00”  I smiled and said “SOLD”… uggh… now what do I do with them?

Well I decided to keep them and thanks to feedback from a blog follower, I put them in the corner spot.  Simply removed the plant and put them on the stand and they added the right amount of color “pop” for the space. 



5 thoughts on “Are they Keepers?

  1. Wow , really great finds! Fab colors. There’s not much to do to them, there character stands alone. Find a great shelf or table. …that little corner table (in the photo w/that “little” plant on it) will do just fine for one or two of them. ?

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