The Chill-Out Spot

So happy summer has arrived and it’s time to begin enjoying the outdoor projects that were started as spring approached.  It’s time to begin the summertime happiness that makes being outside fun.  Creating that perfect outdoor space is major part of the Outdoor Living.   One space in particular is the wonderful sanctuary of the gazebo.  I’d like to welcome you into my “Chill Out Spot”

I love lounging inside my gazebo.  The feel of an indoor space only outside just makes me feel like couch-lounging with mother nature.  My gazebo is that outdoor sanctuary for me.  I find myself just sitting in there with a book, listening to music and drinking whatever beverage my tastebuds have a desire for.  I must admit winter did some damage to my little abode, but all in all, it’ll make another year.  It was begining to become a winter catch-all, but I was able to get a jump start before things got out of hand.  The patio set was a Walmart bargain at $100.00 for the entire set.  I felt the pillows could use some changing, so it was time for me to visit my fabric storage place.  This is what the cushions looked like prior to me changing the fabric.  (go ahead.. yawnn.. :-o)   kinda drab…


I dug deep and found a fabric that I had been holding on to until I found the perfect use for it.


The leopard print mixed with flowers gives this set the right pop of color.  I found this tarnished brass candle holder in the garage and decided to give it a new look by spray painting it a soft baby blue and added a few crystals for a touch of bling.


I had this “whatchamacallit” laying around too and decided to paint it and make some use of if.


The stand is an old iron wood log holder so I placed a piece of tile on top to hold the candles and magazines neatly rest in the bottom

A vintage breakfast table becomes a cute little plant stand


Inside my lantern is tucked more plants and candles


A complete view inside my crafted little “Chill Out Spot”.  It’s funny how I went digging in stored items and found great pieces to pull the look together… so in other words – I went shopping in my own house  🙂


So, it’s time to close the curtains and say bye-bye for now.. I hope you enjoyed a peek inside my garden sanctuary

Oh.. and one more little item I found while digging in my basket of goodies  was this cute Candleir .  So I decided to hang it in the tree outside the gazebo .. I’ll get some bird seeds for my feather friends in the morning to fill up the cups.

2 thoughts on “The Chill-Out Spot

  1. Ok, I’m on my way! How nice. It’s perfect. I love everything about it.!! Good use of the whatchamacallit, too cute. I must pay Wall Mart a visit. And the chandelier has my name on it. Where did you get the gazebo? Just call me copycat. 🙂 Good job as always!

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