Perked-up Porch

I hemmed and hawed about my front porch.   The cement is so badly stained and I just haven’t decided what to do.  Should I paint or should I clean it with some type of harsh chemical to get it looking new.   In any event, my hopes were to get it to look as pleasing as the ones I posted in my  “Porch Dreaming” post.  But that’s later to decide, because summer is here and I need to spend some time on it, in the meantime I decided to perk it up.  FIrst, I needed to wash the siding.. so 2 hours later with a bucket of bleach & water I washed it.. and suprisingly it came pretty good.  I started with the Off My Rocker chairs.

I had this vintage trunk that I decided to paint and use it on the porch.   I painted it white and used a leftover purple-ish color for some stripes ..  DSCF1324and used it as a plant stand DSCF1438 DSCF1439

I found this chalkboard frame and decided to use it as a “Welcome Sign”

Next came time to dress it up with plants.    I had this vintage crate and decided to use it as a planter, so I outlined it with plastic bags to protect the wood.   Placed it on top of a folding seat and it becomes a pretty little showpiece for the plants.

        Found a piece of caribbean art to hang

Used a thrift store find table ($3.00) for some additional plants


The sedum planted in the chair added some additional color.  Since I had so many in the garden, I just dug some up and placed them in the pot last year,


I picked up this vintage wrought iron candle holder for $5.00 at a flea market and it became a planter instead

So, in the meantime, until I decide to paint, I think my little “perks” made a big diffence to the look of the porch.  So, if you’re ever in my area just know that guests are always

7 thoughts on “Perked-up Porch

  1. You are just too, too cute. I love it. It is so welcoming. Speaking of your cement floor, I saw a post, (I’ll send to you) they stained their floor, blue like the sea. It looked so pretty. I love the truck. I’m coming over with my watermelon martini and going to perch myself right in your rocker.

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