$2.00 Tuesday #9

Just when I thought my $2.00 Tuesday was over, your vintage girl struck again at the yard sale.  It’s an item that I would have NEEEVER thought to buy from the store, because,  it just wouldn’t have occured to me as a “gotta get’er”.  But- hey- for $2.00 – why not???   I could have a little fun with it… 🙂    Well without much ado about it…this is my $2.00 great deal –   A Vintage Fondue Pot!!!

This little kitten (circa 1950’s) was never used.  In fact,  it was still in the box it was bought in.  It appeared to have been unwrapped then wrapped back up because everything was in the same plastic coverings.    The B&H cookbook was  also included with it.

The color red is so festive.. it kinda makes you feel like having a fondue party

I’m getting excited about the dipping delights I could serve with my newly found party item

Or…. how about ….have a “melt down” intimate  “fondue for 2”  evening…keeping the chocolate nice and warm for all the dipping pleasures {wink,wink   🙂 }

Wine and Fondue -Just For 2

I guess I’ll be visiting the Fun with Fondue Pinterest Board more often

SeaShells Jackpot!

Hey there –  finally it’s starting to smell like spring and I’m sooo happy.  I see the daffodils and tulips popping their heads up from underground preparing us for all the beautiful colors to come as nature changes her season.   With warmer weather comes the influx of yard sales – YIPPEEE! – and you know how I love those yard sales.   There was a one in town this past weekend and there were lots of goodies – but I took it easy buying .. the prices were excellent.  I’ve been wanting sea shells but they’re so expensive in the stores.  A small bag runs about $4.00-$5.00  and there are usually small ones inside.  But look what I got for $4.00  –  It was the Sea Shell Jackpot!


I was so happy because I’ve been wanting some to put inside my apothecary jars for a spring look, so, those came right on time.  I changed up the the foyer cabby with a new look..  I still had the fall display on it, so with spring coming it was time.

So from this:


I went to this:

The shells and clear glass brightens up the space.  This little cabinet has really been a real winner.  You can see the transformation here.

What a difference $4.00 made

She’s A Broken Elf

Happy Friday – hello weekend!  Remember I told you I have been busy hunting and digging for items to put in the new space.. Well I came across this broken elf lamp.  I remember the day I laid eyes on her and was very intrigued.. I had never seen anything like her.  Well she’s been pushed back and tucked away so long I forgot about her.  I brought her out again and just looked at her and said.. “what shall I do with you??”  I refuse to put it away again.. I need to do something.  She’s so delicate and can’t be moved too much.  The lamp isn’t working, her arms are off but her face and legs are in tact.. So I’m reaching out to you – what would you do with her.  Also, if anyone knows anything about her please fill me in.  Here’s the broken elf lamp.

Her arm is broken off  (but I have some of the pieces inside the bag that’s wrapped around her neck)


Her legs are in perfect condition

and just look at that adorable face (perfect condition)

So you see why I just can’t seem to let her go

Help!   🙂

It’s Shop Time

Hey everyone, hope all is well.  It’s been a few days since we’ve spoken but your Vintage Girl has been busying herself.  Going through boxes and boxes of that word we use “stuff”.  It was like opening up Pandora’s box.  Uggghhh.. As I was going through all the “stuff” that’s been stored for months/years I realized how bad I had it..I’m a hoarder.. There! I confessed! chuckles… But it’s been contained – out of sight- in my storage building.  I guess you’re wondering why I decided to open Pandora..Well, it’s good news -Your vintage girl along with her posse Amina and Renee are back in business.  Shop business – that is.   “Pieces of Time” which was the name of our antique store has opened a booth in Summit, New Jersey.  Yipppeeee!  We are really excited about it.  So I took the trip to New Jersey this past weekend to help set up.  So this post is to showcase what we displayed in our first go round.

This little lady is  Lefton China – we call her Cinderella -and she is very vintage..

Next to her are the daintiest invitation cards neatly tucked inside the limoge mail holder with a matching letter opener. The lovely pink coasters and pearl necklaces add to the princess theme.

A mixture of vintage and slightly used handbags grace the top shelf, while hand-crafted crystal butterflies and candle wick  dippers are underneath.  You can see the butterflies & wick dippers up close by visiting A perfect day to dream.  On her website you will find all the beautiful designs created by LindaG.

It was a challenge to put this Moorish-American chalkware statue in the display case (oh-so loving it)

This moorish head base is made from ceramic.

Vintage caribbean art from Haiti adds a colorful island backdrop

And the boy eating strawberries makes an excellent garden showpiece

This matching light set is very lovely..The set is two wall sconces and ceiling fixture

An antique babydoll sits happily in her carriage

Even though it’s not a huge space, but it’s good for us to start with..(again)   Here is me and my twin – Amina

And this is Amina and Renee…and together we make {Pieces of Time}

I wish I hadn’t forgotten my camera because I would have gotten much better photos, but the camera on my phone didn’t do too bad..  I hope you enjoyed “shopping” with me and if you see anything you like, let me know.. because it’s all “For Sale”