$2.00 Tuesday #9

Just when I thought my $2.00 Tuesday was over, your vintage girl struck again at the yard sale.  It’s an item that I would have NEEEVER thought to buy from the store, because,  it just wouldn’t have occured to me as a “gotta get’er”.  But- hey- for $2.00 – why not???   I could have a little fun with it… 🙂    Well without much ado about it…this is my $2.00 great deal –   A Vintage Fondue Pot!!!

This little kitten (circa 1950’s) was never used.  In fact,  it was still in the box it was bought in.  It appeared to have been unwrapped then wrapped back up because everything was in the same plastic coverings.    The B&H cookbook was  also included with it.

The color red is so festive.. it kinda makes you feel like having a fondue party

I’m getting excited about the dipping delights I could serve with my newly found party item

Or…. how about ….have a “melt down” intimate  “fondue for 2”  evening…keeping the chocolate nice and warm for all the dipping pleasures {wink,wink   🙂 }

Wine and Fondue -Just For 2

I guess I’ll be visiting the Fun with Fondue Pinterest Board more often

6 thoughts on “$2.00 Tuesday #9

  1. It looks absolutely new! What a great color…and what a great find!!! I think you could have a real blast with this thing! There’s a place here in the KC area called “The Fondue Pot” that is VERY popular. They serve all kinds of fondue stuff from appetizers to entrees to desserts…really fun stuff!

    Have a good time, and don’t burn the house down! 🙂

  2. You got such a deal. Even came with a cookbook! My kids love fondue. I have a much smaller one that keeps the ingredients warm with a candle. I need to keep an eye out for one like yours!

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