Dining Room Reveal

Happy Friday Everyone !!    Here’s a quick math question –  What does $132.00 + 1 cool brother + a peach cobbler =?   The answer – One beautiful dining room  🙂     The week has ended and so has my dining room makeover… Yipppppeeeeee..    I’m so happy with the new look.   When I told my husband I wanted to do it.. he re-informed me.. we have a strict budget.. $100.00 was my budget, so I took on the challenge.  He didn’t think I could do it.  Well – guess what –  I DID!!!!  ( slightly over by $32.00 – but hey – that’s ok..I’ll forgo this week’s manicure & pedicure and d.i.m it – that’s do it myself)

Ok…. let’s look at the before….   I’ve had this set almost 25 years.. and it’s still in great condition.

I grew tired of the black and it needed a new look.  Although its not dreadfully ugly.. but the color was all wrong.  The wall color blended too much with the furniture and the floor.  I love the fabric of the window treatment and that was my inspiration.   So without much ado.. here’s the after..

Did you say “Wow” ???  or at least smile   ???    ( I hope so)

Paint and fabric is all it took.  The wall color is Pantone Illusion Blue and I painted the furniture with Krylon metallic brushed nickel.

The chairs look fantastic with its new make-over

The print on the chair fabric has that exact paint color

The antique music cabinet went from this:

To this by using Martha Stewart Metallic paint

Re-arranged  a few pieces and art.  It was re-placed in this corner


I gathered a few other items I already had to pull the look together

The vintage swan dish holds air plants.  I made the table runner about 15 years ago and it still looks great.  Instead of making another one for this table, I just neatly tucked the sides in for the appropriate length.


I was skeptical about the “Goodwill find” mirror (I purchased this a few weeks back for $15.75) but mixed with a few plants  it gives this corner a great look (my speaker dummies as a plant stand)

Pots purchased from Goodwill came in handy for a pop of color and an antique lamp base is used as a stand to give it height

For the tabletop – I had a mirror runner made for $20.00.  The ends were given to me by a co-worker who was going to throw them away but thought to give them to me instead (thanks Pat 🙂  )

The beautiful painted vase was a thrift store find for $8.00 (and of course the feathers I already had)

The wick dipper sits daintily close by as my candle jewelry.  These handmade beauties were created by LindaG who also created the Bohemian Butterfly.  I still have a few more for sale.  If you would like to order one, please contact me.  They are the perfect candle accessory – use the swirled end to dip the wick into the melted wax and lift it back up – there’s no smoke in the air,  just a lingering fragrance from your candle.


I had the bar cart for about 13 years.  It was one of the first items I bought when I moved south.  I truly lucked up because back then they weren’t so popular.   I paid $80.00 for it.. what a steal of a deal…

The vintage crystal ice bucket holds faux roses, while the white ice bucket was a Goodwill item for $1.00

The lady statue holds a favorite plant


A closer look at the window treatment fabric


A perfect blend


Since we couldn’t afford a new set – I created a new look…. which saved us a lot of money

The metallic paint has the perfect glossy sheen.

The hubby had to give me a high five.. because this is Mission Accomplished!

Here’s the tally – Wall paint  $43.00

Spray paint    $28.00

Fabric     $33.00

Vase      $8.00

Mirror runner  $20.00        Total spent  – $132.00

Cost to pay my brother for paintng the walls   –   1 Peach Cobbler  (he loves my cobbler)   🙂  He’s a real cool guy..  Thank You Anthony!!  You Rock!     I think I feel a dinner party in the making  :-).  I hope you enjoyed my makeover – if so – holla at me.  🙂

If you’d like to have a makeover styled by me, I’m up for the challenge.  Remember – fab doesn’t always have to cost a fortune.

I hope you all have a Super Cool – Fun-Filled weekend.



The design makeover is featured on www.Houzz.com



8 thoughts on “Dining Room Reveal

  1. Holla!!!!!!!! YES, I love the new look! I didn’t say wow. I said another word that I can’t print here! 😉 That REALLY looks good, girl. I mean REALLY looks good!!! Those chairs have a whole new life ahead of them! I love the look!!!!!!! The fabric is perfect, too! I wonder if my Mom would go for paint rather than switching out her chairs? I’m going to see to it that she sees this transformation. I just love it! I want to paint our dining room table and buffet. How did you paint the bottom part of the table without getting the paint on the top surface? Are we going to have to disassemble the table? If so, I guess it’s OK…just a lot of work since that dang thing is so heavy!

    I’d say a peach cobbler was a nice price to pay! Right on, Anthony!!! What a nice brother!

    I like the repositioning of the music cabinet, too. The corner where it is now allows it to shine on its own…figuratively AND literally with its new coat of shiny paint! 🙂

    I really like that bar cart. Smart of you to get it back when they weren’t as pricey as they’ve become. I have one from the 1950s that I intend to paint when I transform the furniture in the dining room. I’ve always thought they were cool. They remind me of the Rat Pack days when martinis and scotch were a food group! 🙂

    Excellent job! Hats off to you! I don’t think your husband will ever doubt your ability again!!!

  2. You did make me say “Wow”! Your dining room looks fantastic and being able to do all that with $132?! Awesome! I love your gold Goodwill mirror and the metallic silver paint is so bold! (Our dining rooms chairs are metallic gold!) The lighter color really makes the details pop!!

  3. Nicccce. Really like the wall color and great job on the chairs. …luvin that bar cart. Nice make over. Mirrored runner -just fab. So many great little details

  4. Ok, I was on pins and needles waiting to see the reveal. I couldn’t log in quick enough. I LOVE IT! The color you chose for the dining furniture is awesome. And to think you did it yourself is amazing. I couldn’t agree with Amina more! Tell Anthony I could learn how to bake…lol. (Pie and airline ticket, lol) Your home is so warm and inviting. You did it again! Well done.

  5. It looks fantastic! Your makeover was right on point for design on a dime. Colors blend well, accessories are positioned perfectly to compliment the location, and the art work is beautiful. Great paint job Anthony!

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