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I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and had a gobblin’ good time!  As for me, I totally enjoyed my time.  I visited my family back home in New Jersey and after the big turkey day, while everyone was mall dashing,we spent our day thrifting.   My sister had been telling me about a new spot (new to her) she stumbled on located in Hillside, NJ, it’s called Kathleen’s Closet. She has made this her go-to spot to check out the goodies.  Well, if you’re ever in NJ, you may want to check out this spot.  Here are the goodies I found while there..   This mid- century coffee table wasn’t a bad deal at $25.00 (I could imagine seeing this piece with a fresh coat of paint and shiney gold paint for the leg’s brass fixtures.

The rattan shelving units were $20.00 (I would remove the bottom doors because of the hole and replace with baskets).  All in all, not bad a bad price!!!

This rattan table base was only $10.00 and was still sturdy.  Although finding a glass top would be difficult, but in the meantime, I would use it as a plant stand, by placing several different pots and create one big display (and of course paint it)

Not my taste, but this plaid chair wasn’t a bad price either for $15.00- no holes, tears or stains.

Leather top side table $10.00 (can you believe this??)  In great condition


Spotted this wooden bar cart –  Oh the possibilities with this  and do you see the price – yes – $10.00

Other than missing the door handle, (easy fix) there was nothing wrong with it.  This baby came home with Amina, and I can’t wait to see what she does with it.

Spotted this brass and smoked glass lamp for a mere $5.99 – and YES! it came home with me.  Just needs a new shade and I have a beautiful new lamp.

This mid-century china cabinet was a cheesey $45  (smh) can you believe that.. and it lights up!  Solid wood from Drexel Heritage Furniture.

Last but not least.. this double mirror Thomasville dresser – swallow hard-  $40.00 –I’m ready to pass out!!

I can’t F-N believe this!   All the hardware, all the drawers, nothing and I mean NOTHING was wrong with this piece.. the only thing that was really wrong —- IT DIDN’T COME HOME WITH ME!!!!!

Boy did I wish I had a U-Haul

Now here’s the clinker… You see how low the prices were, but if you were there on Black Friday, you got an additional 50% off your first 5 items.. So can you imagine… all these good pieces would have been even lower.  They had several other nice pieces but these were the ones I wanted to share with you.   Although we didn’t partake in the Black Friday frenzy, we did support the ShopSmall Saturday, which was equally appreciated.   I know I’m a bit behind with this post, but I’ve experiencing some hand issues again.. and have been resting my hands from the computer.  This week, I’m headed to the sunny island of Aruba for one of our Girlfriends Getaways – Yaaaaayyy… so I’ll be sunning and funning .  When I get back I’ve got another goodie makeover to share with you.. in the meantime,  have great week!  Smooches!


10 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds

  1. This is great. All of that stuff looked so cool! and the prices were even better. lol. i could just imagine all of the transformations for those. you can find some gems in thrift stores. my dad got two very good quality nightstands (they used to be in a hotel) for only $20.

  2. Wait you came to NJ and didn’t tell me??? I would have met you there girl. But let’s chat about this beautiful store. I will definitely check it out since I am in need of some dining room chairs. Let me know if they were selling any separate from the table. And I am so definitely loving that side table. I have to go to this place immediately. Thanks for the tip.

    Kia / house of KTS

    • Yes, girl, I was there for a short it went too fast.. in thursday out saturday.. I promise the next time I’m up – I’ll hit you up..Yes, they do sell just chairs, but it’s one of those places you’ll have to catch it. My sis pops in very often, I can tell her to let me know if she sees items and I’ll let you know. The prices are fantastic..

      • Yes, please tell her to let you know when they have something if it’s not too much trouble. I will stop in probably 2 weeks from now, so if she sees anything, I will run over there in a heartbeat lol. I just really want a nice upholstered dining chair in a neutral material color, medium to dark wood as the base.

  3. Shut the front door. How could you leave that store without every item you’ve shared. I’m hyperventilating just looking at the pics. I hope you have re-cooperated from the heart attack you experienced while shopping there. Have a wonderful vaca and hurry back to share more viva la vintage.

    • Hey Marsha, it still haunts!!! I’m back and well rested. Judging by your blog posts, I see you enjoyed you Thanksgiving! Those cookie balls had me salivating.. (I’m such a cookie monster) – I’ve to make those..

  4. Hello, my friend Jamala,
    Kathleen’s closet is incredible. I wonder where they find things like that at extraordinarily low prices. I bet it was hard not to have a truck or trailer with you. I think those rattan shelving units and the bar cart are wonderful finds. But, for anyone to find that kind of quality furniture at a thrift store is fabulous.
    How wonderful that you are going to Aruba with your friends. That will shorten your winter considerably.
    It is always so nice to see a post from you and to keep up with what you are working on.

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