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Leaving Newark and coming to the quaint southern town has been a rewarding decision for Bernie.  Ever since we finished her boudoir, we’ve been busying ourselves getting her warm humble abode ready before the holidays approach and I have to admit this has been one fun project.  It’s time for another reveal at her new southern home.   In a collaborated effort we accomplished the look she was desiring to sit back, relax and enjoy the view while watching TV, reading a book or just watering her plants.  This room offered plenty of sunlight so we took advantage of it to give her green babies a wonderful glow.  The room started with bland wood paneled walls but it did have great hardwood flooring.  To alleviate taking down the panels, she decided to paint over it using a warm navy blue which was a excellent choice of color.  From there we let our decorative minds flow.  Of course we scoured estate sales, thrift stores, auctions and we hit a furniture outlet (only for the sectional)to decorate the space.  Let’s take a look where we started (excluding the items left by the previous owner):



This is the new look of her sunny room with a view:



By using pieces she already had along with new and thrifted items this room looks absolutely wonderful.


I love working with different fabrics and so I chose custom drapery and pillows to pull the look together.


This chair received a new look by painting it metallic silver and giving it a new seat cushion to match the pillows




Her hand-carved wooden man has been with her for over 20+years and stands in a corner watching over items while catching sun-rays  (isn’t he just the coolest?!)


The custom framed pair of HighPoint pineapple prints were Goodwill finds for $12.00 (they still had the tag on them marked $99 – great score) to match her pineapple theme around the room



She’s a collector of piggy banks and this “when pigs fly” is perfect to sit by the doorway corner.


All around the room you’ll see little hints of collectibles mixed in with her green babies.


And resting on the table is her book of remembrance of home




We can officially check this room off the “to-do” list and move on to the next.. which is the big Kitchen reveal..I hope you enjoyed this room makeover and if so, let us know – We love hearing your feedback.  Remember, if you’re wanting a new look – and need some advice – I’d love to help.  Until next time – happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!





24 thoughts on “A Room With A View

  1. Wonderfully soft, Cozy and welcoming. I love the way the print of the curtains and the mirror play with each other. The other thing I love you opted not to put a coffee table, that is wonderful! Not all living spaces need a coffee table and this is one of them. I know she must be dancing with joy! Good for her and what a Great design!

  2. Jamala, I’m sitting here with my mouth hanging wide open. Are you kidding me!!!! First of all, the navy walls and the silver hair are making my heart sing. Since I’ve been following your blog, I always think – What will Jamala do, when I set out to decorate a place in my home. You have showed that little nooks deserve special attention…a plant, a unique statue – just fabulous. Thank you for sharing your gift and talent with us.

  3. I like the way you used statement pieces like the sculpture and the flame mirror to show the room was done by a decorator. It is not easy for regular folks to pull this off by themselves. (I know!) The custom drapery, fabulous round luxurious rug (and it had to be round to soften the square lines) and the gray leather sofa all add to the story the room is telling. The flame mirror knocks my socks off and I love gold with blue. All of the metallic sparkles meet the wooden floor and sculpture in a lovely blend because I think all metallics could be read as cold and hard, but you didn’t let that happen. Further comfort displayed in the cozy looking throw, living plants, lots of soft pillows on a comfortable couch and, again, that great rug, make this room elegant but cozy. Not an easy job to pull off, Kim, but you did it with gusto. P.S. Love the picture of our president. He is one class act and I hate to see him leave. I felt safe with him at the helm. Put this isn’t about politics. I just like that she has the picture displayed.

  4. Wow…. As usually Jamala pulls out the fire !
    I love the room with the view. The colors that were chosen from the walls to the drapes to the couch and even the pillows was wonderful . Looks like a room where you can just relax and get lost in your thoughts !

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