Lost in Space Mountain



I know you’re probably saying “huh?” to the blog title…. Well I wasn’t actually lost but I felt like it .. Last week I had the opportunity to spend the weekend in the mountains.  My friend Jan and her husband, Terry, invited me, my mom, aunt and another friend to spend a quiet weekend in the small town of Spruce Pine, NC.  I was excited because I’d never gone to the mountains but I would pass through the mountain scenery in Virginia while traveling back home (NJ).   The landscape, especially in the Fall was completely beautiful and so picturesque.  I’d often look and say “wow” nature sure has a way of painting a beautiful picture.


This was the beautiful view from the porch.  It’s so funny because when we arrived it was extremely dark and all I could think of was the scary movies where the killer is lurking in the forest and a group of innocent people are out there having a quiet time in a home nestled in the woods..  lol.. I told Terry, if I hear a chainsaw.. I’m running..lol.. Yikes.. But all joking aside.. it really was a splendid weekend, just connecting with nature, chatting, laughing and just enjoying each other’s company.  We had no telephone, television or internet, but I was glad I took my music.


The home belonged to Terry’s grandparents and was filled with family history and he shared several memories with us.  They have been carefully restoring the house while maintaining the country charm history.



After breakfast, we took some time to shop in the town at the local antique shops and boutiques.



Then after lunch we took in a tour of Pisgah National Forest


As we drove up the forest to take in the fascinating view, I had to snap a picture of the the Fall foliage that hugs the winding path.


Mom wasn’t up for a long walk but she did manage to strike a pose for me


This is the view from the top of the mountain in the forest


I was able to brace myself (I’m totally scared of heights) to take a picture by the cliff here.. And could you believe, there was a guy who was going to camp out here on this ledge.. Good grief.. I asked him “WHY??!!!” His only answer was he like to be adventurous.. smh.. He’s lucky I wasn’t his mother – I’d spank the living daylights out of him.. and his adventure would be how to sit down from the a$$whooping he’d get.  I mean really… what if a snake came up – where is he going to go.. or what if he was a wild sleeper and fell off or got up to go to the bathroom.. all kinds of scenarios popped in my head and I feared for his life.. (a total stranger to me, and I got pissed off at him .. I had to get a grip)


Yes this was a beautiful view but he didn’t have to sleep here on the ledge.. – so if you’re reading this – please don’t do something that adventurously stupid as to sleep close to the edge of a cliff..


You can sleep on safer grounds and still enjoy the hilltop view ..



We made our way back down, went home and had dinner and capped the evening sipping wine and more idle chatting and laughter until the wine kicked in and yawns started and that was our clue it was time to hit the hay.  Morning came, and we lingered around taking in the view while sipping coffee, eating croissants and omelets and simply being thankful for life.


I can truly say it was a well spent weekend and I needed a quick get-away.  I thank Jan and Terry for inviting us and I look forward to coming again.  So until next time, I’ll be thinking of these rooms where I spent my time in the mountains.



I’ll leave you with this thought.. Richness is not only a matter of what you have in the bank, but it also can be in the many blessings that God provides.   Life is a blessing and we must take time to enjoy even the simplest of pleasures.  Until next time my loves..  Enjoy life, live freely, smile often and be thankful!









9 thoughts on “Lost in Space Mountain

  1. How wonderful. Isn’t nature Beautiful!!! Love the picture of you on the rock living life on the edge. 🙂 What a pleasant Monday morning surprise to click on and read such a beautiful adventure. Your grandfather always tried to instill in us the beauty of nature. I would have been beating my chest and signing to high heaven. Wonderful Jamala, absolutely wonderful!!

    • LOl.. Linda you”re too funny.(beating your chest -I can imagine that scene) I’m glad you enjoyed reading about it. Yes you’re right about granddad… he loved the land..and I see why.. Thanks for reading

    • Wow…. The photographs you took of nature was absolutely breath taking. Thanks for bringing Serenity to those of us who live in the city and don’t get a chance to appreciate one of God ‘s greatest gifts…. Nature

    • Thanks Marsha! It was a nice time and the water- they get theirs from the spring.. and it was oh-so refreshing… just clean tasting thirst quenching water… I wanted to bottle up a few gallons to bring home with me.lol..

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