Off my Rocker

Now that the garden beds have tamed and things are mellowing down, now its time to sit back on the porch and sip my lemonade.  I didn’t have rockers for the porch and decided to go hunting for some.  Here  is one I found at Lowe’s for $99.00 and needless to say.. nope..

So, next stop, Home Depot and I found one quite similar which was this one for $119.00:

Neither of these fit my budget.  Remember, I’m the frugal shopper.  I came across some rockers that were in need of repair.  They had no seats and the wood was drab, but for $5.00 each I figure I can work with them.  The structure was sturdy, which was the main reason I decided to bring them home.  I painted them white and scraped some of the paint to “shabby” them up a bit


Then I bought some burlap strap and this mesh strap( wasn’t sure which one would hold up the longest so I figure I’d try them both)..  I did a basket weave on each seat and stapled them to the wood.  The key to this is to pull them tight for a firm seating.



I found a pair of colorful seat cushions from my favorite store Marshalls for $14.99 each that really made the rockers look cheerful.

DSCF1183 DSCF1182

These babies are finished and I’m a happy rocker..   🙂  total cost of this was $40.00 – I saved $160.00 from buying new ones.


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