Stroll through town

It’s been a while since I’ve posted..I decided to take a break from the computer and yard work and begin my long overdue exercise.  As I began my evening walks, I started taking notice of the yards  in this small town I call home, so, I decided to pay a little tribute to a few of the yards I came to admire during my walks. .

This lovely home belongs to a sweet elderly woman who maintains her yard carefully.  I paid attention to all the details around her yard.  Her front yard is so nicely manicured with the monkey grass just flowing nicely aroud the palm trees and fountain.


Ms. Linda was just tickled at the fact that I loved her yard and wanted to take pictures to put on my blog.


She was happy and amazed that I was impressed enough by acknowledging it on the blogsite.  As I begin my stroll around back I notice the lovely deck and the rock landscaping around the side of her house.  Mr. Bunny caught my watchful eye as he stood on guard..   Her hostas are just bursting with growth and they surround her deck and the big wheel quite nicely.


The monkey grass is outlining another fountain she has, and the purple clematis is filling the latice completely.


This is another view of the flower bed under the deck.  The amaryllis is blooming very nicely..I complimented her on them and next thing I knew..she plucks one out and hands me a plant..(is she sweet or what??)


The driftwood adds another element to the yard.  She said she’s had them for several years..(I really like them)


Well this is one of many beatiful yards I pass along the way of “my walk”.. Having scenaries like this definitely makes the walk a much more enjoyable experience…I graciously thanked Ms. Linda for allowing me to photograph her yard and I scurried home to plant my new plant.  I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did..

3 thoughts on “Stroll through town

  1. It’s always a pleasure speaking with other gardeners, you always learn something! The best is coming home with a new plant 🙂
    Thanks for letting us join in on your wonderful walk.

  2. This is nice. Beautiful garden. I love the accents of the driftwood, the little frogy and bunny. I’ll have to read up on the hostas, I really like that plant. ahh, so much to learn. Thanks for sharing!

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