Stay with me in the Yellow

I have to admit, Yellow was one of the colors I strayed away from.  Not because I didn’t like it but because it was bright.  The irony is  I love the sun, sunflowers, and lemons


All of which are yellow.  So I have to ask why don’t I stay in the yellow.  Then I heard this song by my favorite artist India Arie and was truly inspired by YELLOW.  So here’s the fun of yellow in home decor to get inspired.

You can choose the soft yellow as the room color and accent with a variety shades of grey as done with this room


Or you can switch it up to use yellow as the accent color which breaks up the black and grey tones.


How about incorporating a little accent piece in the room such as a chair reupholstered with a fab yellow fabric like this:


Or even paint a dresser for the pop of color


I could imagine how happy my feet would be wiggling my toes on a yellow rug


Or when I lay my head on this cozy little accent pillow


Yellow, yellow, kiss a fellow…. ahhhhh the days of being outside – dancing and prancing..and long evenings ..  I see it all around


Even to wake up on glorious sunny morning to enter into a beautiful bath such as this to begin your day

Imagine how delicious breakfast would be with a touch of sunshine yellow facing you in this kitchen


Can you image how beautiful your floral arrangement would be in a yellow vase


Or if you don’t have flowers,  you can even have these to display


So whether it’s indoors or outdoors, bring in the cheerful color and stay with me in the YELLOW

After listening to her song, tapping your feet, and maybe even doing a happy dance – go get your Yellow   🙂

10 thoughts on “Stay with me in the Yellow

  1. SWEETIE PIE!!!!, Little Girl, I LOVE IT!!!! This is absolutely Fantastic! The post, the music the color… Sorry for the drama, but….I LOVE THIS!!! This is my Lemon Meringue Pie!
    I love Yellow too. In my old home, I painted my bath a Bright Bright yellow, Tasha thought I lost my mind because it was so bright…But after it was done and decorated, she loved it! I always like using a touch of yellow…..I’m there with you……in Yellow. Thanks India for inspiring “my” niece!!! 🙂

  2. I love yellow. It is so comforting and welcoming. Pineapple which is yellow is the international sign of welcome and they say to paint your front door yellow for a sure real estate sale.

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