Make Me Over


I’ve had a love of make-overs for quite some time. For the next few weeks I’ll be featuring “make me over” Mondays, which is paying tribute to the lovingly restored items found along the way. It’s  an intriguing feeling when you see a once lovely piece of furniture thrown away without regard or care and thinking can it be revived.  I remember how we use to get anxious about bulk trash night wondering what will be the next trash to treasure we’ll find.  There have been many long nights spent cruising neighborhoods looking for things thrown away because they no longer want it, or it’s broken down or things that they believe are hopeless.  Such is the story of this antique slipper chair.  It’s apparent this chair has been stuck in someone’s attic for so many years and the family finally decided to let it go and decided to trash it. Well as fate would have it.. it was destined to be mine.  I looked at it  and tried figure out what happened to it… why would someone mistreat it,  or to even say  why would it be so black and blue.  I know  people thought I was crazy out my mind for thinking about putting this in the backseat of the car.  But I couldn’t resist.  It was love at first sight.  I could clearly see the beauty this chair once had.  So, it was scooped up by me.. and  when I brought  it home.. All my husband and sons could think was…”She’s really crazy”..  but.. I shrugged them off and said, now just wait and see..”


I know you’re probably saying the same thing ….chuckles…. but look closely at the chair.. .. do you see – what I see???  notice the wire springs, the detail of the shape.. and look at the back.. it was stuffed with horse hair and cotton fiber.. which means this chair has quite some age on it.. probably turn of the century.  It’s clearly this darling little chair has suffered quite a bit of abuse over the years and is screaming  “HELP!”  for some loving soul to save it.

I figured this was going to be a tough job it restore it back to its original beauty.  I had to recruit the best upholsterer in town and had to find the best fabric to really enhance  it’s beauty.  Since I wasn’t  in  a big rush I took my time.  After months of searching, I found the right fabric that would enhance the beauty of the chair.  Now comes the feeling of excitement .. knowing she’s getting ready for her new look.  When I got the ” your chair is ready” call.. my heart became overjoyed and asked “how did it turn out?  He replied.. wait till you see it.. with a smile..  I rushed over to pick her up and needless to say he got a big hug!  What a wonderful transformation. I brought her home and here she is:   Isn’t she lovely… made from love..  This was her place in my bedroom to complete the vintage look.


Since this picture we’ve moved and she still looks just as wonderful in my vintage bedroom we now have




I am truly happy with my little slipper chair.. It’s a great feeling knowing she didn’t wind up in the dumpster waiting to be destroyed.

It was well worth it..

5 thoughts on “Make Me Over

  1. She (the slipper chair) has good bones and you could clearly see it! I love a good before and after story too 🙂 I have picked things up off the curb as well. I abhor the throw away mentality of so many people. They just can’t see the value these pieces have. But at least you do, and you saved her!!!

  2. WOW! You really have an “eye” for finding and seeing potential in the discarded things you find. You are a furniture resurrection-alist…if there is such a word. I’m going to think twice before I throw any furniture out. No better yet I will contact you first! Love it.

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