Make Me Over Monday – Pt 3

I was visiting an antique dealer friend one day, just browsing her shop to see what she had.  Just as I was leaving, two gentleman came in asking her if she needed a sofa.. (my interest was peeked) …. She stated “No, because she didn’t have any room for it in her shop”.  Of course they were wanting her to take it off their hands and she said no.. so I said.. “What does it look like..”  Thinking… I could use another sofa.  You see, I had a contemporary sofa at the time, and just wasn’t feeling it anymore.. Reason being #1  it was in a bunch of newspaper advertisements and I got sick of looking at it.. (which is why I don’t like funiture shopping at chain stores..).  The gentlemen continued to warn me stating – it’s not perfect but it’s sturdy.. I said I understand…let me see it.. So they unloaded it from the truck and this is what I saw..

I know.. go ahead and laugh at it.. because I sure did.  They were amused with my jokingly attitude, but happy when I said I’ll take it off their hands.  Now, their asking price was $40.00…. the right eyebrow went up and I gave him that “are you serious” look (I thought it was going to be more because of the wood carving).  So he said, Ok, ok,… give me $35.00… I smiled and said OK…

So by now you know, where this piece is going and this why my upholsterer loved me.. I brought him business.   The more I used him, the better his prices became.   I immediately sold my old sofa set and used the money to buy the fabric and pay for the reupholstery work to be done (and had enough to do a few other things as well).   The work was done about 15 years ago and here it is in my new home and it was a “Mission” accomplished!!  And he only charged me $150.00 …   Yes.. for real….

Didn’t he do a fantastic job!


The wood carving on the top of the sofa is what really caught my eye..  One thing for sure.. I won’t see this sofa in any newspaper advertisement….. ever.. 🙂

A closer view of the bird carvings…..

Aren’t makeovers just great!  and the best part is they are customized to your liking..

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