Winter Be Gone!

All these pretty pictures of snow during the winter months were nice to look at but honestly speaking – I’m done with winter.   I took a stroll through my yard and realized just how damaging the cold weather is.  It gets kind of depressing knowing all my summer hard work goes to pot.  Sure the logic is … it gives the perennials time to rest so they can bloom again, but I guess I’m just the ansy soul patiently waiting to see them come again.   Oh and #1 factor – I hate being cold!!  Yes –  it did give me the reason to have my night time treat of hot chocolate.. which I do love..mmmm… nestle makes the best.   I use hot water when I make it but I fill the mug halfway then add the International  French Vanilla to the remaining full then add whipped cream and that’s my chocolatey winter delight (and a couple brownie brittles to go with it..hehehe)  – what can I say.. I love chocolate.. 🙂

But moving along, just look at what “old man winter” did to my yard…    It’s pretty grim….

                            winteryard winteryard1          winteryard3

This was last summer..



All I can say is  “PLEASE WINTER BE GONE!!!!!   

I want to enjoy my chill out spot again   …    Anybody out there feel the same way I do…???

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