Not So Square Vase

I spotted this vase during a thrift store visit for $3.99.  Just a plain, simple vase.. back in the day when something was plain it was considered a “square”.   I thought it was cute..I didn’t have a square vase so I figured why not..

Being cooped up inside because of the weather has made your thrifty girl go a little paint crazy and decided to snazz it up a bit..  First let’s tape it up…

It’s going in my dining room so I chose a copper paint… Paint is all done and it’s dry..  and  I added some crystals and fresh flowers and “VOILA!!!!”

A closer look….

The copper blends well with the artwork above it…

Now this vase isn’t so square after all….  (and to think I had it for sale at the yard sale.. I’m so glad it didn’t sell because I wouldn’t have this lovely vase)

4 thoughts on “Not So Square Vase

  1. Honestly…you and that paint!!! You just know what to do with it!!! You even got the lines perfectly straight!!! I had to spray paint a 12″ dowel over the weekend, and you would have sworn I was being asked to stand before a firing squad!!! 🙂

    That was a great buy on the vase, and the copper color you chose is perfect in the room beneath that artwork! I’m glad you didn’t sell it in your yard sale, too….so that I have something else to be jealous about! 😉

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