No More Lonely Table

Good afternoon lovies..!!  I hope you had a fan-tabulous weekend.  The weather was perfect here in SC and I visited my friend Elizabeth in Chester.   We decided to hit the indoor flea market just to see what we’ll find.  It’s so funny because on our way we saw this for sale.  Perfect Condition…what a beaut! (except the fabric -not my taste)

Wow!  The asking price  $125.00 was a steal of a deal.   I wish I had room for it or had a client who needs one – oh well..  🙂    There’s so many hidden jewels of treasure shopping here, where you’ll find friendly folks happy to sell you their goods.   We made it to the market and  here are some of the other goodies I came across.  This pair of rattan end tables was just $30.00 – recently I’ve acquired a liking of rattan.  I just wish I had the space for them because I would have scooped them up.

I saw this dresser which was also in great condition.  It was only $75.00 – I may have to come back for this, because I really like it.  I could switch out the dresser in the spare bedroom (which I’ve been wanting to do).  I have a painting project I’ve been wanting to do and it would look perfect for this dresser.


I also saw this – I’ll have to see if my son likes this.. I think it would be perfect for his living room area as a tv stand.  It was $65.00


But what caught my eye was a pair of rattan chairs.  I’ve been looking for a pair to go with a table I had.  They were tucked behind a sofa.  I pulled them out and they were perfect.  I got them for $25.00.  The gentleman quoted $30.00 and I was happy to pay $30.00 but he said give me $25.00 – so cool.. $25.00 it’ll be.. Loaded them on the truck


now the table isn’t lonely anymore and now the hub and I can have dinner on the deck

I have to paint the table to match the chairs.  But all in all – I’m very pleased with my weekend find


Later on that day – the hubby and I capped our evening off at – guess where????? —    The Drive-In Movies..

How was your weekend.. Did you find any goodies?   I’d love to hear about it.   Have a wonderful week!!

6 thoughts on “No More Lonely Table

  1. Wow, you still have a drive-in movie place there???!??! That is so cool!!! I don’t think we still have them here in the Kansas City area. I will have to check to see. It has been decades since I went to a drive-in movie! That would be so much fun now that I’m an adult and all! 🙂 (Remember how your parents used to make you put on your pajamas to go to the drive-in so they wouldn’t have to struggle with you getting into them when you all got home at midnight? I HATED having to go to the bathroom at the drive-in in my pj’s!!!)

    You found some really great stuff out there! Too bad you couldn’t take it ALL home with you! What you did bring home, though, is really terrific! It’s wonderful how they fit so beautifully with the rug! I’m anxious to see what color you decide to paint the table. Will it be white? Will it be the lighter of the blues? The darker? Looking forward to the answer in pictures!

    I didn’t find any goodies over the weekend, but my Mom and I ran into some great and right-on-time stuff in the 90% off aisle at Hobby Lobby yesterday. Oh…and I painted my wrought iron furniture today! Just from off-white to white, but still…I painted it all by myself!!! I did the thing with the wire brush and then primed and painted. I am SO sore now! I’ll flip it over to finish it off tomorrow while the humidity levels are still low and then let them cure for a few days before putting cushions on the chairs & settee and the glass top back on the table. The table is the Martha Stewart Living coffee table I found at Goodwill a few weeks ago for $10!!!

  2. This was a fun post, especially liked that you went to the drive in movie. So, now people pull in backwards and lift the door? Though it looks like it obstructs the view of others, I guess it must be nice for them. I adore that couch and what an incredible price. I like the color, too. I wish you were my “picker” because you have such a good eye and the ability to see the potential in things. Hope you go back and get the dresser. It is a beauty with its nice Queen Ann legs. Ok, it’s jammy time for me, I’m too tired to think!

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