Friday Finds

Hey there everyone! It’s Friday- and a big Woohoo!! Your thrifty girl has been finishing up a couple of little projects to began my larger project, (I’ve finally mustered up the desire to freshen up the dining room).   But moving along – I’ve had this planter hanging on the wall and just didn’t get to buying the coco fiber to re-line it.

Back in the winter I dressed it up with natural clippings

Well it’s summer (almost over) and I still haven’t touched it yet…Then I remember seeing how burlap was used as a liner, well, I didn’t have any of that either.. but what I do have plenty of is fabric.  So – I figure I’d give that a try.   I found this in the pile and figure it blends perfect with the shabby wrought iron look.

Found a plant that needs re-potting (my staghorn fern) and a few cactus for filler..  Simple little project finished for zero dollars.  The fabric adds a bit of color to the wall space.

I tested it out and yes the water goes through.

Awhile back I received lovely new art ordered from HoeMama.  His artwork is inspired by women who love to nurture, encourage,  and build people up – sort of a “gardener of people”.  I fell in love with this particular piece.  The beauty of the woman and how he depicted her in the garden was very eloquent.  I can’t wait to get it framed and hung.  You can view more of his pieces here:

Let’s move onto Friday Finds:

This vintage bird cage was $12.00 –  I have plans for it and it doesn’t include a bird  🙂

A mirrored tray always comes in handy – a Goodwill find for $3.75

And this cute little hand painted birdie planter by Bob White for Napcoware for $1.00

I’m not usually into birds, but there was something about this one that caught my eye to bring it home and like I said for $1.00 it sure didn’t break the bank – giggles…

not such a bad find…I’ll figure out some use for her.   One last thing,  I want you guys to find some friday fun to start a great weekend!  Cheers to you!  Kick your feet up, relax and have a happy… See you Monday !

3 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. You find the best deals! Love that tray and bird cage! Can’t wait to see the end product! (glad to see you are not blowing out your candles…. 🙂 )

  2. Hush UP!!!!! $3.75 for that mirrored tray??!??!! I would have fainted in the aisle…all the while clutching that tray!!! 🙂

    Great idea for the planter liner! I’ve always wondered how those things work with the coco fiber. I have a couple of planter boxes that I would love to put out on the deck, but I’m so fearful that I will screw everything up trying to use coco fiber filler. I only have half a green thumb, not a whole one!

    I had NO doubt the vintage birdcage would not be home to an actual bird!!! It will be fun to see how you use it! I have a massive birdcage that I bought at Z Gallerie several years ago that I have yet to use for something. I love it, but the ideas I have for it are just so grandiose that I’m intimidated. We’ll see what comes of it!

    The print is cool! It has a really spiritual vibe.

  3. Hi Kim,
    I love the print because it is so unusual. I was familiar with the artist so I went to the other page and I saw so many wonderful prints. I love to see new artists (to me). I think looking at an artist’s work is a bit like getting a glimpse into their mind. It is always a fun trip! I like the way the artist views the woman as part of nature and the way the triangle shape of her sleeves is repeated in the stems of the tulips.

    I think lining the basket with fabric was very clever. I’ll remember that for the future.

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