I’ll say it —  Yikes!!! I can’t believe another year has left us.. where did the time go and it sure went fast.  But as they say, time flies when you’re having fun.. and that’s what I call sharing my life with you, just as I share in yours.  I’ve met quite a few new friends through my blog and simply enjoy all the good company.  The sharing and caring that I see and feel makes me forget all about the “bad” things in this hard-knock life.  So I must say “Thank You” for being there.  Before I finish out this year I have to share a quick make-over I did for New Years Eve.  I came across this really old wooden tray for $1.00 (and you know I dig making over these trays – yes I still use that “70’s” word)  chuckles….


 It’s the perfect size to serve the drinks for NYE-2015.  So I decided to give this one a bit of a festive look.  I used Martha Stewart metallic paint in thundercloud


I lined the bottom with glitter paper and now I have a festive new tray for $3.00

The glitter paper adds just enough shimmer for that sparkly look

This will be my first time hosting a NYE get together since living here and I’m pretty excited.  So we’ll be playing a few games, do a little dancing while snacking on finger foods all night.  Of course there’ll be some bubbly to go along with all the fun and laughter.   Glad I found this tray to make carrying drinks a bit more easier.


So my Loveys!!

I hope you have a wonderful, happy, and safe time ringing in the New Year…  Sending you warm wishes and a big hug!



See you in 2015  —-   SMOOCHES!!!

3 thoughts on “Cheers!

  1. I’ll bet your collection of trays could stretch all the way from your house to mine!!! You did a really good job on this one. There’s no trace of the original left behind! That takes skill!

    I hope your 2015 came in with a good bang! Wait a minute…that didn’t sound right. I hope the new year was ushered in with a lot of fun and lots of noisemakers and bubbly! That sounds better ! 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    • Hey Alycia.. you would be right.. I have to force myself to stop.. but they’re pretty cool to have around..and you can be so creative with them, but since I’m running out of storage space.. I have to stop.. drats.. :-/

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