Chair Me Up!

Well I’ve had a good long weekend and it’s back to the ole drawing board.. as the DD commercial says.. it’s time to make the doughnuts” as I drag myself out of bed.   I always reflect back to when I first saw this piece of art that reminded me sooooo much of myself on Monday mornings.  It’s called Blue Monday by Annie Lee.  You can see more of her artwork here.


I hope I’m not the only one who has this feeling on Monday (Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday & Friday) mornings.. chuckles..I’m just kidding …   Ok, ok… moving along… It’s been a while since I’ve posted something for my Monday Makeover and I’m excited to show you this one.  Over the years, I’ve met quite a few chairs that I hold dear to me and this is one..well… was one that I’ve waited quite a while to do anything with.  When I first saw Clarissa.. (that’s the name I gave her… means gentle) – I know – call me crazy.. but I’ve come quite attached to some of the objects around the house and I figure since they’re in the family then why not name some of them.. chuckles..  My husband just shook his head when I said meet Clarissa..( in other words.. I’ve gone coo-coo for coco puffs..) LOL!!  Well if an artist can give his paintings names.. then how come I can’t give my furniture names.. right??  Ok.. now.. when I first saw Clarissa, she was a poor lost soul – very gentle and delicate.  She had been left unattended and stripped of her cloth baring her insides waiting to be covered up.  I could tell she was once a beautiful creature, gracing a lavish home (at least that’s what I imagine).  Her curves were none like I’ve ever seen in my travels and I really wanted her.  She belonged to a dear elderly antique dealer/friend name Joyce,  who kept her for a very long time waiting to get her repaired.  Joyce had so many beautiful chairs and she kept saying she’ll have it done eventually.  Well sad story is that Joyce never did have her done and unfortunately she’s ill and would not ever see her again.  I held onto this chair since her illness tucked away in my storage.  I finally decided to take her out and bring her back to life ..   Here she is ..

Just a s shell of her was all that was left.. I can’t imagine how someone could mistreat such a beautiful object.

Judging by her stuffing – of cotton and horse hair – she was made in the early 1900’s – so this chair has been around roughly 100+ years.

But I guess considering her age, it’s a blessing she’s still standing.. (God knows I probably won’t be standing at 100 years – chuckles).  I pulled her out of storage and made up my mind to finally get her done.  It is her time to shine again and grace the home of a loving owner – ME!   And here she is.. Meet the NEW Clarissa

I tried to save the bird fabric on the back but it was too damaged and dry rot.

I even searched for a fabric with a bird backdrop but couldn’t find anything pleasing to my satisfaction.   I just decided to go with a patterned back and a solid ultra-suede (although it was velvet on her before)

All in all – I’m very pleased with her new look

If chairs really had souls – I think she’d be smiling at her new look and pleased to feel back at home

Welcome Home Clarissa!!

Glad to have you join us!  I’m sure if Joyce could see her she would love her.  I hope you all are pleased with Clarissa’s new look as much as I am.. and if so.. holla at your girl!   Happy Monday and enjoy the rest of your week..  Smooches

12 thoughts on “Chair Me Up!

  1. you are so right a chair that pretty need a name[Clarissa] it really turn out nice……did you and one year and six months to the age of the chair? jokey joke!!!!!!!!

  2. Too funny, the art. boy oh boy….can’t stop laughing! LOVE that chair. You did a wonderful job. Joyce would definitely approve. She is a beautiful lady. Now where would someone go to find treasures like this. I’m looking and moving in the wrong circles. Just beautiful!! What an eye you have. Love it.

    • Hey Linda! Yea, that piece has ALWAYS reminded me of myself….lol…especially on Mondays.. uggghhhh.. But I’m glad you like her.. Well when you come this way.. come with a van.. hint,hint.. 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, I remember that commercial, when he dragged himself pout of bed and kept saying “Time to make the doughnuts”. LOL. Are we showing our age right now? Oh well lol. And I LOVE that chair. That patterned back and the addition of suede makes this so chic. Love this

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