The Making of a Chair

I have to laugh at myself because here I am thinking “Oh gee- it would be wonderful to learn how to     re-upholster- then I could do this as a side gig and create beautiful things -UHHH – YEA RIGHT!!   HELLO!!  and BABY BYE!!  LOL   This is one lesson learned and it only took one class to learn it – “SHYT AIN’T EASY!”… .. that I got that off my chest.. moving right along..  Let me refresh your memory of my forever project…

Looks simple right… (boy did this fool me)..  but..Ok.. I finally had a spare weekend to sand the base of the chair.. the wood was so scarred and needed some  attention.   My goal was to make it look like this


Dream on….dreamer…   Alarm clock went off and Time to wake up….

I sanded the best I could (I’ve got bad hands..)

This is a closer view of the wood

could you believe all these bangs and bruises. on this beautiful wood…  smh.. HOW???

Re-staining was my intent then I realized.. I’d have to do a lot more sanding… so I opted for a new look..

Why not go GLAM!

It was a bold move to do that, but after seeing it with the fabric.. I think it was the best choice.  I really like the new color and it’s going to give this chair a sleeker look and will enhance the fabric.  It’s almost done.. I promise it’ll be finished before Christmas.. chuckles.. sike… no it’s going to be finished next week.. Yayyyyy!!  So.. stay tuned….

Tah-tah everyone…

2 thoughts on “The Making of a Chair

  1. Well, I’m right with you. Upholstery is one craft that deserves the high prices that they charge.I think I told you about the time, I thought…tying springs can’t be that hard. Oh my gosh, that is way over my head. It is complicated. It takes 10 years to be a good upholsterer. To say nothing of the fact that staple guns and glue are used now, instead of sewing and tacking. But we should get some kind of pat on the back for attempting it, right? It is a beautiful chair and I can see the dowel joinery.

    • Yea, Ginene.. I was shocked at how much work it is.. especially that piping and yet when we took it apart.. to find out this chair was hand-stitched and tacked.. amazing..the craftsmenship.. So yes. here’s to a pat on the back for trying.. I clearly can’t see myself doing this professionally.. especially with my bad hands..

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