A PoP Day

It’s been so dreadfully hot these past few weeks and I’ve just been enjoying the pool at mom’s house… but I decided to finally get a few little items done.  I called it my PoP day.. the Power of Paint.. I spend lots of time lounging in my Rest Haven and look around and see a few things that need sprucing up. Like the big planters.. They’ve been bruised over time and there’s a little vermin running around my yard knocking them over..(I feel like the Bill Murray in CaddyShack – boy do I want to get him)..


Of course hubby thought I should throw them away.. Me.. no way.. they’re still standing.. lol.. got a couple of cracks at the top – but all in all.. still worth keeping.. and for $6.00 they look like new

After I picked up this pretty cool pelican from Ross – I thought a touch of gold would do good in the garden

Then I found this old hat buried under some items in the garage and figured.. why not flip it and fill it..


Added a few bricks to cover the outer edge pallets and a few more plants around it

I think I like the upside down hat planter..



I’m still contemplating the iron hens&chick holder… I’d have to take all that apart..soooooo…you know how that goes.. (another day..lol).  Small changes but nice impact for this space.

I love how the sun hits the gold and gives it a glam glow..   Then I had this clay pot.. the worn out look was looking too worn out..

So, for another $3.00 it got a new look

Now I can smile when I look around at these pots again .  🙂




That’s all I could do.. cause BABY!!!! It’s HOT OUT THERE!!!



6 thoughts on “A PoP Day

    • LOL.. trust me girlfriend.. I need an extra pair of hands around this yard.. by the time I finish summer will be over LOL – but’s it’s my tranquil therapy after working that 9-5.. :-/ (smile)

  1. You’ve inspired me to paint the concrete urns. Very hot here for northern Illinois, but nothing compared to where you are. Now, I wonder what color to paint those urns…I think I need a special paint for concrete. Why is it that one can have eight shelves of paint and the only concrete paint is baby blue!

    • LOL!! That’s a darn good question.. but give spray paint a try on the concrete.. I used a cinderblock to prop them off the ground and the color went on them.. hey .. you never know.. but I’d love to see them after you do them

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