Off the Grid

Hello everyone!! In the words of Olivia Pope – Your girl is going off the grid for a bit.  This week starts our family reunion and I’m totally happy.  I’m always happy when my family gets together – we have so much fun and laughter.. but this particular reunion started me smiling earlier than usual.. Why?? Because this year is a special reunion…. We will be on board of Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Sea cruise ship headed to the sunny island of the Nassau Bahamas!  Friday was my last day at the grind and I was happy and decided to take a smiley-selfie..

I’ll get better at doing that but yes, right now all I can think about is sun, relaxation, fun and food.

And a week before the cruise I learned I won a survey contest that was hosted by Elle Gibson who blogs at Splendid Habitat.. you can guess I was doubly smiling.  If you’ve never visited her blog, by all means stop over and enjoy reading.. she’s really another inspiration.  Once again.. thanks Elle!  When I return, I’ll show you the goodie I purchased with my gift certificate.  🙂

Also another surprise I got was my twin found some lights for the rest haven and believe me.. I’m so happy about that.. so needless to say, we put them up, and decided to have some margaritas and toast it up on our last night home.  Thanks to Amir for serving up the drinks

Cheers to you!! bfr9

It looks so nice at night.. ahhhhh.. we really enjoyed our evening in there relaxing before our voyage..

We’ll all be up early and headed to Florida to board.. So I’ll see you when we get back..

So while I’m gone, I hope you have an enjoyable week, and I’ll talk to you soon…

Smooches and Bon Voyage!!!!!

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