$2.00 Tuesday

Remember this throwback series?? Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a $2.00 Tuesday.  Not because I didn’t want to, but I hadn’t found anything to share with you – until now…  I went thrifting this past weekend and came across this coaster set.  I’m sure you’ve see these around before, and the price usually ranges from $7.00 – $15.00.

I needed new coasters, because the lasts one I had were rattan-like and for some reason when the little ones were around, they always seem to play with them (pretend they’re making miniature pizzas – heeeheee… kids and their imagination.. it’s so cute).  So for $2.00, I figure I could use these for my family room.  Naturally they need to be spruced up a bit.  Instead of pictures I wanted to monogram them.  I printed out the perfect “W” and inserted them instead of pictures.  I also repainted the base for a bit of glamour.


They’re perfect for the coffee-table.  I like that they each have their own color, so I could switch out the top for a bit of a variance look


Not bad right??  Especially for $2.00


She had two sets… now I wish I’d got them both… lol.. oh well..my lost.


Now that it’s a new year… let’s hope I (we) find more of these terrific bargains for $2.00.  Have you found anything lately?  If so, follow me on Instagram using hashtag #urthriftygirlfinds so I can feature your finds here on the blog.  Until next time lovies!!  Smooches..!!!


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