A Simple Favor


You ever have a pleasant encounter with someone and said to yourself, “Gee, that was a nice person”. That was the case when I met a soft spoken gentleman last summer during our town’s 49-Mile Yard Sale.  He told me about him and his wife buying a historical (fixer-upper) house in our town.  I love to hear stories about people buying old homes and bringing them back to life.  Many times I’ll ride past an abandoned home and wonder how did it get that way, and why would someone let it go to rot.  He briefly told me the story of how he was attached to the property and his family’s heritage to it.  After our conversation, I wished him well, gave him my business card and bid him farewell.  About a month ago I received a phone call from him and he asked a favor of me.  At first I was a bit skeptical, because I really didn’t know him.  Of course, he stated he would understand if I said no, but when he told me what the favor was, it really wasn’t a problem and it  was quite simple.  He needed a picture of the house and wanted to know if I would go take a picture and send it to him.  They were chronically taking pictures of the renovation process and the dumpster was delivered.  Since they lived out of state and were not able to get here at the time to take pictures, they wanted to know if I could do them that favor.  Given this is a small town, and it wasn’t too much of a task – I truly understood and obliged the favor.  Me and mom took a quick ride to take pictures and I texted them to him.

wool rug

wool rug1

One thing for sure…. he didn’t exaggerate when he said it was a complete fixer-upper.  I was like “YIKES”  they really have their hands full with this one (but I could truly see their vision).  The least I could do is take a few pics for them.  I truly commend their efforts, but this will be a long process.   Last week I received a text from him stating he left a “thank-you” gift on the porch.  Of course I responded, it was not necessary because it was no trouble at all.  His response was he appreciated what I did and just wanted to say “Thank You”.  In my mind, it really wasn’t a big deal, and it definitely wasn’t necessary.. when he responded “thank-you” after I sent the pictures, that was sufficient for me.  When I got home, to my surprise, I couldn’t believe the gift… it was a hand-woven wool rug…

wool rug3

A total shocker…and even more of a shocker is that I’ve been thinking about a rug for our family room, and it matched perfectly!!

wool rug6

Although it was a tad bit too long, I just tucked the edge in a bit, but for the most part, I was truly pleased with this surprise gift.    It really warmed the space

wool rug7

I sent them a picture and they were excited to see it was perfect match.

wool rug8

Although there was no need to give such a generous gift, but I must say, it is tenderly appreciated.  So, I’m saying a big “Thank You to Mr. & Mrs. Alaji.  Life really has a way of bringing wonderful people in your circle.. just as it did with my blog.

wool rug9

Simple acts of kindness is always a good thing… Even if you get a simple, heartfelt “thank you” – it makes it all worthwhile.  As the movement “Pay it Forward” goes.. continue to do kind things and perhaps kindness will come back.  That’s how a circle goes.. around and around.  So friends.. I hope you enjoyed my “Simple Favor” story.. and until next time….may peace be with you..   Smooches!



8 thoughts on “A Simple Favor

  1. What a wonderful posting. Sometimes I tend to be too wary. But, once again, another story of people simply helping each other. Thank you for that. -Joanne

  2. Our dear Kim,
    I owe YOU a big thank you for the ping back! You once offered to do a favor for me which made you my best on-line friend. Ever since I met you via the world wide web, I’ve felt a sister connection to you so I can completely understand why other people would feel this way, also. The fact that the rug is so perfect in your living room is some kind of a sign. I don’t know what kind of a sign it is, but perhaps that people can feel who you are. Which is…just a beautiful person.
    Love from your buddy in Illinois,

  3. Oh, what a delightful story. As I sip my coffee I am reminded of how life is so fulfilling with a kind gesture. The rug is perfect and you are really special for sharing this piece of your life with us. Thank you.

    • Awwww thank you Marsha, it was my pleasure to share this delightful story. Things like this really makes this big bad world not so bad after all. Thanks for taking the time to read. . Enjoy your weekend

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