Saving Grace

Hi everyone! I  hope you’re doing well, and I thank you for hanging in there with me during my respite.   I’m back again to share with you another marvelous makeover.  This time it’s a beautiful Recamier antique chaise lounge that was left by my dear friend Joyce.  She really had some of the most gorgeous pieces but they all need TLC, (one day I’m going to do an exclusive post about her).  She gave it to my brother, who in turn, relinquished it to me – Thank God, because his dog was about to destroy it… Uggggghhhhh… I wanted to beat him up (my brother that is).   Let’s take a look at this pitiful soul..


Poor baby- ?? .. I’m going to name her Grace.  She is a gorgeous, handmade chaise lounge, that has gone decades needing attention, and was looking really disgraceful.  This piece was appraised to be over 200 years old, (I know what you’re saying.. WOW!!).  Recamier chaises are also known as “ladies fainting sofas”  and you can read more about them here.   This particular lounge has more of a Caribbean feel because of the handcarved details, and choosing the right fabric wasn’t easy.  I chose a vanilla, tone on tone fabric that has a slight raised texture.  I also chose to use nailhead instead of gimp for the trim.  After two bottles of oil and a trip to the upholsterer for a magic makeover – she’s now full of Grace.


Isn’t she lovely!!


One thing I love about choosing an antique is some pieces are so rare which makes it more special.  I love her new look.  I chose to have a varied animal print pillow selection just to spice things up a bit.


The nailhead trim really enhances the beauty and I really dig her sexy curves and carved details.


I’m so happy about the new look and extremely happy she’s mine.


After this makeover, I think it’s time to do an “ORC” one room challenge.  Like the Dining Room, I’m doing the same thing with the Living Room.. The $100.00 dollar makeover.   So– Stay tuned ..  If anyone else is up to the challenge, join me and let’s decorate together.  I’d love to see your “design on a dime” new look you create.  As for Grace, holla at your girl and let me know what you think.. I’d love to hear from you .. Until next time .. Happy hunting ?


31 thoughts on “Saving Grace

  1. Oh my goodness, Jamala – I’ve been god-smacked. This is utterly unbelievable! Yes, when I see the Caribbean influence. I see it in a spacial estate in Jamaica. You are truly gifted.

  2. Beautiful. Drama. Please have a picture of yourself lounging on Grace and be as dramatic as she is…. Boa, Feathers, Martini, Marabou slippers, Silk, lace, pearls, diamonds, fur rug….I could go on and on…Well done, my dear. I’m really jealous… but love that you were able to bring her to life. Yeah, I’m jealous…. 🙂

  3. Wow! Grace”fully” done. She is stunning. Oh boy, My place needs a makeover badly. Helppp!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Grace is full of herself. She is regal and screams “I got style!” You are so blessed to have been gifted with her. She is a treasure and one I would love to have. Enjoy relaxing or fainting on her graceful lines.?

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