Turtle Love


I “HATE” Valentine Candy — phew….I said it, But on the other hand- I freaking LOVE Turtles!!! After doing a quick search on making Turtles I came to the conclusion that the way Beverly (our office volunteer) makes them is the absolute quickest way to enjoy my home made chocolate treats. I’ve made them before but never thought to share the simple recipe, until I was telling a friend I was making them.  She was shocked to hear that and never thought about making them either, (and neither did I – lol – until Beverly)  Since she and I hadn’t thought to make them, I wondered how many others thought like us, so I decided to share this quick recipe.  I’ve been craving them and decided to grab a bag of pecans from the freezer, picked up a bag of Kraft caramels and a Hershey bar and voila! TURTLES!!!!.


The three ingredients are:

  • Pecans
  • Kraft caramels
  • Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar

You’ll also need cookie sheet and wax paper.   In the video, (which I’m not knocking) he cooked the caramel and melted chocolate which created a bit more cook time.  It was quick yes, but required the use of a couple more dishes that I’d rather not use.  So let’s begin- shall we?  Preheat oven to 300 degrees.  Line the baking sheet with wax paper and arrange pecans in a cluster.


Place a caramel on top of each cluster


Bake approx 7-8 mins.. just until the caramel softens begins to melt (do not let it melt down completely).  Remove from oven and place a square of the chocolate on each cluster.  Chocolate will begin to melt down.  Using a finger tip (or small spoon), swirl the chocolate around.  Let sit until chocolate hardens – approximately 15-20 mins (do not refrigerate).


Grab a nice candy dish for your delectable treats – sit back and enjoy!


Am I teasing you?– chuckles.. don’t ‘cha want one??!!!



As always!!  Cooking is easy with “TLC”



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  1. Yummy you m! I will be making these for my friends at the office. Thanks for sharing this easy peasy recipe. I had no idea they were this simple to make. I may just double the pecans! ?

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