12 thoughts on “Punch Bowl Social Event

  1. Hey Sheila! Thank you for reading. The sugar scrubs were absolutely a hit.. the ladies were so so excited about making them. It really was a joyful afternoon – we look forward to having more…I’m so glad you enjoyed reading about it.

  2. Awww, I am grinning from ear to ear! What a beautifully nice PBS event! And you are so on point at every level, and word said. I can only imagine the conversation around the table, their smiles tells all. 🙂 Way to go my dear. Love you !!

    • I’m grinning back at your compliment Linda! Thank you and I’m happy to hear we made you smile sharing our moment of fun! Love you too!

  3. This really is a great idea! Communities rarely come together like this anymore. Think how great it would be if everyone did a Punch Bowl Social in their area & continued to have them on a regular basis. I can imagine socializing being good old fashioned face to face interaction over great food & drinks. So refreshing!

    • Hey Nikki!! Girl yes, many folks don’t even know their neighbors nowadays.. As a community we’ve become so detached from one another and I thought it would be nice to try something to start the re-connection again. It would be great if many more (that’s my dream).. and by all means Go For It Girl- I know you can pull it off! If you decide to – please share the fun! Thanks again for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  4. What a wonderful event! It’s so nice to see everyone enjoying themselves and I really liked the idea of everyone making hand scrub as a party favors. That’s a great way to get everyone engaged and takes the burden off of the host to make something ahead of time. I agree with the other ladies…Keep rocking it girl! ❤

  5. Jamala and Aunt B, what a glorious idea! I was grinning ear to ear throughout the post. Thank you for empowering women to join in union with love. Let’s talk about all this “happy” on the table! I’ll take those crystal compotes, please. The food looks ravishingly delicious and Aunt B’s home is magnificent! Can’t wait for the next social! You rock little sis!

    • Like Marsha, I found myself smiling as I was looking at the photographs and reading the text. The store is open and someone said, “Whatcha looking at? You are smiling.” Gosh, I wish I was in your group. What day and time did you and your aunt find to be a good time to host the party? Aunt Bernadine’s table was beautiful and what a delicious-looking luncheon. My grandmother used to have her club over for luncheon when it was her turn and they went all out with the good china and silver teapot. I loved this.

      • Ginene, you always make me smile with your comments. I’m very happy this has your seal of enjoyment. If you ever decide to come to SC, please, please let me know so we can plan an event when you’re here. But if you decide to host a PBS – by all means share the moment.. Luv Ya!

  6. This was such a great idea I love it. This has give me inspiration on so many levels. Thanks Jamala for your great ideas girl you are on your way, be encourage too continue too bring us together we need something like this in this day and age. You ROCK!!!!☺

    • Hey Semone! Thanks a bunch.. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading about this event. Yes, we need more social engagements and hopefully this will be a spark to ignite many more to come.

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