$2.00 Tuesday

How many of us just love the concept of breakfast in bed?? As Mother’s Day approaches –  I believe this is one of those pure luxury gifts that moms enjoy – being able to sleep in and not be awakened by the alarm clock or kids tugging at her arm – saying “mommy I’m hungry”.. ooooh how I remember those days..lol..  But that one special day where the sweet word “Mommy” gets to have the day her way.. the kids make breakfast or even hubby pitches in to try his hand at cooking (insert overcooked eggs, dry toast and burned sausage -chuckles.. and it’ll still bring a smile) especially when it’s served on a breakfast tray – IN BED!!  I’ve not had the pleasure of having it served on a breakfast tray before (because duuuuhh.. mom didn’t have one in the house) but this year – how about I found one just in time.. and yes – for $2.00.  Talk about luck!!  The price was $2.99 with a 20% discount which brought it down to $2.39  — Woohooo!!!

When my mother took ill, I thought it would be good to have one around the house just in case she can’t get out of bed – it’ll be easier to serve her food.  Every now and then I’d surf the internet for breakfast trays and the price for a good sturdy bamboo tray was running from $100.00 – $200.00.  Way out of my price range.  Remember – my life motto – patience is a virtue.  I strolled into our local Goodwill (which is getting to be the pits) and stumbled across the tray.  It was in great condition.. just a bit dusty.  I washed it off and gave it a coat of Pledge to shine it up a bit and it looks great.  

The china was thrifted as well.. tea cup, saucers, yogurt dish, all $0.30 -$0.35 cents each.  The gold flatware was also another Goodwill find last year.

Now they’ll be ready come Mother’s Day and I’ll be sleeping in waiting for my yummy breakfast in bed!  Featured here is a few of my favorite starters: Blueberry Activia Yogurt, Banana Date Nut Bread (recipe coming soon) and Tangerine-Orange Zinger Celestial Seasonings Tea.

I’m wishing all the moms out there a Happy, wonderful, joyful Mother’s Day – and a tummy delicious breakfast in bed and then roll over and sleep some more!!

As always –  Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!!








3 thoughts on “$2.00 Tuesday

  1. What a score! This tray is perfect for your much anticipated Mother’s Day Breakfast in bed! Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to you too and I hope you are showered with all the things you enjoy on the weekend. Be sure to let the Hubs know what flavor tea you want just in case. . . (LOL)

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