Friday Finds

Hey Guys!!  I know it’s late, but I meant to post it earlier (but a squig of Nyquil knocked me out last night and I’ve been busy since coming home).. but moving along.. Things had been a bit quiet around here on the blog.  After my trip back home I’ve been busy getting things together for the town’s big I2I Yard sale.  The sale was this past weekend and we sold a lot of stuff, mostly small items, but we needed to get rid of it.  I did manage to scoop a couple of items from the sale (as if I needed to go shopping-right??).  As you see,  my maidenhair fern is trying to die on me.  I’ve been giving it my best shot to hold on to her but it seems I was fighting a losing battle.  I hadn’t made it to the nursery just yet to replace it, however, I did come across the vintage peacocks I had been hoping to find.

The plant went on the porch, while the peacocks took their place on the coffee table.

I popped in HomeGoods to get some bed pillows and spotted the perfect rug (at least I thought) for my foyer.  I’ve been wanting one but waited until I found the right one. Sometimes it’s just being at the right place at the right time and that’s what happened in this case.

The rug had all the right colors that were blending in this area.  and I was very happy about it (glad that search is over).

Just when I thought I was finished with the Guest Room (with the lamps), I spotted this rug at the I2I Yard Sale and I immediately thought it would look great in there.  I scooped it up real quick.

The pattern blends perfectly with the drapery.

My green thumb is getting better.. My orchid bloomed again.. (I think I’m getting good with this plant yay-yay!!)

Next up I’m headed outside to do some Summer Freshening up on the porch and yard.. I hope yours is coming along nicely.. Also the next issue of “Let’s Go Thrifting” is coming soon!  I’m excited about that as well.  So I’ll be back soon!’










12 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. I loved seeing the rustic decor and modern vibrant colors together. Everything came together to look very elegant.

  2. Lady, you have several SCORES here. I love them all. The gold peacocks are precious and two rugs found in the same weekend is fab. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Marsha! I keep saying I’ll stop with the peacocks but I think I can say it now and mean it (lol)..

  3. Love your finds. Just meant to be. So glad your yard sale was a success!! The peacocks are to die for! I swear you and I most definitely have the same design love DNA!…I have a peacock planter just like that! Never say “I’m done”…only “I’m done for now” 🙂 Beautiful!!

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