Best Beef BST


There’s nothing new about  a bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich, but what most aren’t aware of is bacon isn’t only pork or turkey.  There is beef bacon, and growing up in Newark, New Jersey there was only one brand – BEST Provisions, Inc.  I wish I could explain how delicious this bacon is,  but hopefully the visual can make you imagine.  It has a delicious smokey flavor, and while it cooks, it releases the most delectable smokey meaty aroma.   One that makes your stomach growl (even if you’re not hungry)

For my sandwich, instead of lettuce, I substitute it with spinach.   Having a bacon, spinach and tomato sandwich on a fresh croissant (dressed with Hellman’s mayo) is like having tastebud heaven in your mouth.  When I go home (north) I always make a point to go to the butcher and get some to bring back with me… (unfortunately, they don’t sell this brand of beef bacon in the south)

Beef bacon is very meaty with just a tad bit of fat on the edges (for flavor).   Serving with a fresh garden tomato on a croissant elevates the sandwich to the penthouse level.  Although it’s traditionally served for breakfast, but it’s a winner for lunch and dinner.

I think this one of Newark’s Best kept secrets – I only wish the secret become widespread so it can be sold everywhere.

Have you ever had Best Beef Bacon?  If so, tell me what you think?   Just remember.. cooking is always easy with “TLC”


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    • Yes Marsha! I could have eaten 3! Breakfast lunch and dinner… it’s so good… i wish you could taste it…

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