Friday Finds

Hey Guys! I hope all is well with you… I realize things have been a bit quiet around the blog, but it’s only because I’ve been outside enjoying as much summer as I can.  It’s hard to believe Fall is approaching (I see a few bloggers already doing Fall decorations –  yikes!!”  Not me.. it’ll be Oct/Nov before I succumb to Fall – I’ll be scratching and kicking to leave summer (you feel me?).  I also had to cut back on buying because my goal is to de-clutter but truth be told, my insides were burning with desire to go out there and get my fix… (yea, it’s that bad … insert joke…Rick James once said cocaine is a powerful drug.. he should have tried thrifting) and not to mention I didn’t have a “legitimate” reason to be shopping.   The bittersweet news is my son just relocated to Atlanta and is needing things for his new apartment, well here goes my need to thrift again!  Yay-Yay!! So using the Janet Jackson verse: Come on baby.. let’s get away  ooo- ooo-oooo … let me take you on a Thriftscapade – Let’s Go!!!! .. (is the tune in your head now.. chuckles) First – let’s start with this eye-catching brass swan.   I walked in the door and it was  a magnet to my eyes.  I spotted it way across the room.  From the distance I couldn’t tell it was a swan, but the big shiny shape is what drew me to it.  As I got closer that’s when I noticed the beak…

I snatched it up real quick.. The price was $14.99 with 15% off… so I got it for $12.75 ..  Yes I’m Happy, the excitement juices are flowing of just being back on the scene.  I placed the statement piece on the guest room bar cart for a bit of  odd flair.

Next item I spotted was this lovely blue & white Chinoiserie ball vase for $3.99

It was perfect to use on the deck with some fresh cut crepe myrtles

Ok those were my goodies, now on to my reason for shopping.  Here are the items I found for my son.. This side table was $14.99 which will be great for his Living Room.

If you recall, this is his sofa I found a while back for $50.00.

I got real lucky with this bamboo chair for his patio area ($12.91)

A table lamp for $6.00 for his living room.

I couldn’t resist this one for $6.99 – He doesn’t want it but yes- it came home with me – sorry (not sorry)

This coffee table for $14.91 as well.. was snagged for my girlfriend..

I wish I could have gotten these bar stools.. but unfortunately they weren’t high enough.. and at $17.96 they were a steal of a deal!  The two gentlemen were eyeing the antique rockers (at $12.00 I told them they better take them – or else – (i got my finger on the trigger LOL!).  The white wing  chair (if that caught your eye – was $13.98)  I was sick by the time I left that store..

There were a couple of goodies I had to walk away from – with huge regrets, like this lamp for $7.00

This pair of rattan chairs  was $49.00 (my pass out moment).. (they still haunt me)

and to think Walmart thought this was a good sale price –  ??

As you see, this is why my insides were burning to get out there and thrift.  There’s so much out there.. btw.. did you know yesterday was National Thrift Shop day!!  How cool is that!

Well guys, I’ll be back with some quick pics of how his place is coming along.. but in the mean time remember.. “happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home! ”


6 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. You have the best thrift stores! The finds, the prices. Ours are the polar opposite – either great finds with big tickets or just okay finds with great prices. I have thrifting envy. Not to mention that you are REALLY good at it! Lucky you. I think I would have come home with half this store.

    I also have a confession that I’m almost ashamed to admit being a southern girl… I had no idea you could cut crepe myrtle flowers to use in arrangements. I always thought they were too delicate & would wilt & die quickly. Now I know. Your’s are gorgeous in that vase!

  2. RICK JAMES?!?!?!?!? ??????????? You are SO funny!!!!!!!! I understand, though. Shopping is definitely my drug of choice. I’m infamous for mainlining Home Goods!!! ??? You found some great stuff for yourself AND your son. Sorry he’s moving, but you can visit and pamper him! Not pamper like diapers…you know what I mean!!! ? I sure wish we lived closer. I have a gorgeous tight wicker chair WITH THICK CUSHION from Pier 1 that I’m forced to sell. We got new handicap accessible furniture in our family room, and now there’s no place for the chair. Two bar stools that complement it are on the chopping block, too. I’ll send you pictures. Man…I would love them to have a good home!

    Have a great weekend, my sweet!?

  3. Great finds as always. Hello…the Swan!! My mouth dropped to my knees. Your son is a lucky guy. The lamp for $7, yeah you will have nightmares on that one. 🙂 I am so with on not putting out Fall décor..I think I’ll skip Fall décor and go right into Christmas. These seasons are coming too fast. Awesome finds!!

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