Friday Finds

Hey everyone!! I know it’s been a while, I’ve just been a bit busy working on a couple projects, and the blog had to take a bit of a back seat.  If you’ve been following me on Instagram, I’ve been posting a few pics about my son’s house (aka #thebrickcottageproject), and I’ll be sharing that story later on the blog.  But moving along.. I know one thing for sure – I’m happy it’s Friday.   A couple weekends ago I had a wonderful time visiting my son and friend in Atlanta and of course did some thrifting.  I can’t tell you how awesome the scene is there.  Just between where the both of them live there is a plethora of thrift stores, Goodwills and antique malls.  I could literally spend a month there to hit up each and every one.  Of course I didn’t need anything, but remember it’s all about the thrill of the hunt and what you find.  I made a few small purchases for myself, but I also found some items for my son and friend.   I was happy to find a elephant to add to my brass animal collection.  The little darling was only $3.99 and sits nicely on the livingroom side table.

Then I came across this brass pineapple candle holder for $1.91

Although Summer is over, I was still happy to have found these rattan hanging baskets, they’ll definitely come in handy and for $2.00 ea, I snatched all of them.

My fern is hanging on to it’s dying breathe, I thought I’d show you how cute it looks hanging…. (i know.. say a little prayer for it)

Found another chinoserie brass lamp for $6.99 (yes, it came home with me)

This rattan table was $7.00 and it’s for my son (excuse the pic but I forgot to take my picture before I left and had my son send it.. of course he could care less about because he should have removed the plastic bag… oh well.. it’s all good.

My aunt has been wanting flower pots, and I lucked up and found these two for $11.00

Came back home and the following weekend I went to Restore Habitat in Rock Hill with a friend.  They were having a 20% off sale on the furniture and got this loveseat for $8.00.

Not many would like this floral chair but I sure as heck did! I really really wanted to bring this home.  It was $40.00 in mint condition.  I had all kinds of visions on how to decorate around the vibrant colors, but the left side of my brain said “LEAVE IT” you don’t “NEED IT”..  and yes I regret it because this chair was extremely comfortable.

Again, I’m trying to behave, but it’s hard…There’s just so much good stuff out Anyway.. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and remember happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!






10 thoughts on “Friday Finds

    • Thanks Linda!! You know.. you kinda got a point there!! I’ll have to re-think this through.. You know it haunts me when I leave the goodies behind…lol

  1. Awesome finds! This settee is absolutely gorgeous and at a bargain price of $8 stickin bucks, it’s fab. I would re-upholster it and make one cushion instead of two. Just my two cents. Ha ha!. If you buy another lamp I’m going to have to check you into the lamp addiction facility. No worries, I’ll be right next door in the chair addiction facility!

    • LOL!!! Yes girl.. and of course it’s going to get reupholstered.. I actually let it go to a dear friend.. she wanted it badly – and since I had immediate plans, I caved in..(I know….. I’ll regret it) but it also gives me more reasons to look some more. And your statement about the addiction facility— totally on point.. lol!!!!

  2. Trying to behave? Pray, why?!!?!?!!? ? Girl, just go for it!!! I’ve never stayed over for any length of time in Atlanta, but I hear the shopping is da bomb. I didn’t realize the thrifting was as good, but I suppose that stands to reason. I would have swooped in on that lamp like lightning!!! Glad you’re back! Happy Autumn!????

    • Hey lady!! You tickle me!! (da bomb) – I know – I’m talking crazy — lol!! but after reading all of the comments.. I’ve come to my senses.. you’re a terrific bunch!!

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