$2.00 Tuesday

Thrifting is always about the thrill of the hunt which led me into the Goodwill while visiting my son in Atlanta.  The shelves were a bit scarce but believe it or not I spotted this little cutie for less than $2.00.   It was sitting there all by it’s lonesome waiting for me to scoop her up.  I already have a brass one, a silver one, well.. why not copper — right??

For $1.91 there was no way I was going to leave it to sit on that shelf when it would look much prettier on my bar cart to hold these gorgeous Martha Stewart wine stoppers

I use to house them in the ice bucket along with the corks, but they look so much better in pineapple.

There are so many Goodwill finds adorning my cart.  The Culver glassware were by far my best finds. Every time I want to revamp the look, I change my mind and swap out a couple small items.

The amber glass pumpkin was a yard sale purchase this past summer.  Just a cute touch to match he golden colors of the glassware.  The chinoiserie vase was warmed with my feather bouquet.  I also found the pair of wooden mid-century swedish candlesticks for $2.00.  I do very little (and I do mean VERY LITTLE) seasonal decorating.  A couple of pumpkins around the house for Fall is good for me.  I had the velvet covered pumpkins from when I had the shop, so I pulled them out for a small Fall vignette around the wooden candle holders.


The pottery vase was another thrift store find for $3.90 which added a warm touch as well.   I’ve seen so many beautiful Fall home tours and I simply love looking at them, but for me to do one, “it ain’t happenin’ – yet.  This little table in my dining room is the perfect space to create a touch of Fall inside without having too much to store away.

Although the temperature hasn’t changed much, at least while I’m burning my patchouli scented incense, this vignette reminds me the season has officially changed.

In Aromatherapy, Patchouli is considered a great balancer, relaxing yet stimulating, particularly relevant for conditions of weak immunity where overwork and anxiety have left the individual in a susceptible state. It is said to bring the three principal forces at work within the body – the Creative at the navel, the Heart center, and transcendental wisdom a the crown – into harmony.  I usually pick mine up from the flea market, but you can order some here.  So  guys, have you found for anything lately for $2.00 to share?  You know I’d love to hear all about it.  In the meantime – as always- Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!




19 thoughts on “$2.00 Tuesday

  1. Thank you for sharing the information about Patchouli. A co-worker gave me a body of oil and I fell in love with it. I love to add it to my diffuser.

    I love your blog. I have learned so many interesting things on your blog.

    • Hi Elle! Thanks for reading.. I’m happy to hear you’re a patchouli fan as well. It truly is a beautiful scent and does wonders for the home environment. I’m glad you learned a bit about it from my blog and i truly appreciate you reading it

  2. I still have a bottle of patchouli from the early 70s. It smells exactly the same as it did then. I think it is fabulous that you found a copper pineapple to add to your collection. Three is a collection, right? I still think your coasters are the most fabulous paired with the gold glasses and ice bucket. I really like the way you incorporate different natural elements: metal, stone and clay from the earth, fire-with candlelight, birds of the sky…it’s all very restful and organic. The thrift stores here start at 3.99. I could show you what a friend just found me at a thrift store for 10.00 each…he said he was going to bring them here next weekend. Ten dollar Tuesday? It was a terrific find. I think, anyway, I haven’t seen them in person yet.

    • Ginene!! from the 70’s wow!!You are good with holding on to stuff..I didn’t think oils could last that long.. (that’s another check item we have in common 🙂 .. I’m glad to hear you’re still enjoying the look of my bar cart.. You know you peeked my curiosity about what your friend found.. so you must share. 🙂

    • Thanks Barbara.. It’s so funny because a wee bit ago, it seemed like ladyuck was running away because I couldn’t find anything.

    • Thanks Ayana!! That’s exactly what I do.. head straight to back.. (so worried I might miss out on something..lol) I’m glad you like my Goodwill finds!

    • Thanks Marsha!!I I’m glad it meets your liking.. After seeing everyone’s beautiful settings.. I looked around and wanted to create something (small) – so this came right on time..

  3. Your Fall Vignette is very very nicely done. I had to save it on my Pinterest board!. Great find to you pineapple collection. I have a great find I’m sharing soon. Always great to see what treasures you find. ?

  4. My best friend is a huge patchouli lover. It’s a very recognizable fragrance that I remember from back in the 60s. Every time I smell it, it reminds me of my preteen years. You found some great stuff again! The pineapple is cool!

    • Yes it is.. I love burning that scent.. it has a warm exotic smell and lasts hours in the house long after it burned away. and just like you… it reminds me of my teenhood….(oh the memories .lol) which is why it’s a favorite.. 🙂

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