Make Me Over Monday pt 2

I’m taking you on a series of Make Me Over Mondays.  I’d like to share more of the “I can’t believe it” moments with items I’ve done.  Ok.. It started with getting a phone call from someone stating, “Hey – I’ve got a few things for you to sell so if you’re interested, come over so I can show them to you.  The appointment was set and now it’s time to pay a visit.  Well entering the basement, there were some desks which is what she thought I’d be interested in getting.  Also, there were some lamps, jewelry and a few other bric-a-bracs.  But tucked in the back  corner of the dingy basement were two chairs.. they had mold stains and were completely destroyed.  Those are what caught my eye.. so here comes the question.. “How much for the chairs”.. she looked at them and then looked at me.. and said – “Those aren’t for sell – they’re going in the trash”.. I said to her “Well those are what I want.  She said “take them.. it’ll save me the trouble of moving them”.

🙂  Music to my ears…

Now I know you’re thinking the same thing, too –  here she goes again.. “Remember it’s the thrill of the hunt – with the element of surprise.  Now the main focus is the white chair.. notice the shape of the chair, the rolled arms and the curved back.  Nice.. right??  Ok, ok, ok, don’t pay attention to the nasty, crutty fabric or the mold because it’s all going to be changed.  The main focus is the shape of the chair… repairing it is all cosmetic.. As long as it has a good bone structure and it’s still sturdy, it can be repaired and brought back to life.  I’m really digging how the arms are rolled and tufted.  You know this was once a really beautiful chair.

Uugggghhhh…. so now that you see it up close – you can imagine the musty damp smell of the basement.   This is another job for “Underdog” – our super hero Upholsterer.   Delivering the chair was not a fun task because I had to keep the windows down.. and it was cold outside…chuckles…  Well the drop was made and he shook his head… “Oh brother – here we go again”  Lol… I know he cringed, but hey – what could he say…. I was one of his favorite customers..and as I told him, “He should thank me…  I’m perfecting his skills by giving him challenges”..  smiles..  Well the fabric of choice was a dashing red velvet.. Ooolala….

The fabric was delivered and he smiled and said OK.. that’ll work…  so after 3 weeks of anticipation.. rrrring!   “You’re chair is ready”  …. smile…


Now this chair has a home…. and a chair is still a chair.. even when there’s no one sitting there.. A chair is not a house but add this along with other wonderful finds and it becomes a home… at least I think so..  I hope you do too.

Another chairstory to share is this one:

Now this chair was found in a garage belonging to the man who owned a local thrift store I use to visit often.. I hardly ever walked out empty handed.  He had a storage garage out back of the building and I happened to ask if he had any chairs for sale.  So I found this one in his building.  He only wanted $10.00 dollars for it.  Can you say “yippeeee”!

I know.. .. “why do I keep putting myself to this challenge.. – of course you know why.., I can’t help it..   This one wasn’t as bad as the other.  The cane was in tack so it basically needed to have the wood polished and of course new fabric.  When I delivered it, the upholsterer didn’t have that “Oh no -here she comes again” look when he saw me coming with it.. chuckles…I’m so glad we always had a cheerful personality dealing with each other.. makes doing business so much better.   With much ado…here is the finished product of the chair..

The story of two wonderful chairs that were saved from the landfills.. and that helped to make a house a home…

As always –  It’s VivaLa Vintage –    Gorry to Glam..

And I’m still in love with them!

If you’d like to share your Make Me Over with me, please feel free to.. I would love to see it.

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    • Hey Nancy, the red was very different in shape which is what I adored about sits very comfortable..the pink was good too, I’m just use to seeing them so I brought that one along for the free ride :).. Thanks for viewing.. I appreciate it

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