A Special Pillow

Yesterday was October 4, my wonderful Grandmother’s birthday.  “Mar” short for Margie is what we all called her.  Although she was a short lady, her personality made her stand tall as a tree.  It’s been over twenty years since she left us, but I remember her clearly in my mind – as if it were just yesterday.  You see – it was Mar who I think- played a role in developing my love of antiques from.  I remember as a young teenager looking at her furniture and admiring it.  Although I never really spoke about it with her, I just noticed she had good taste in furniture.  It was in her house I saw the first “real wood” vanity and just love sitting in front of it.  In fact, the day we were moving her to a new house, me and my sister found our first roadside find and it was a vanity.  We were excited when we brought it home.  My father said – why are you bringing that junk in this house.. needless to say – I gave him the evil eye when he turned his back.  We painted it white and loved it ever since.  My sister-friend just recently sent me an old picture of it.  It was taken on my wedding day, in front of the vanity.  See the shape of the mirror.  It was a really nice vanity and my father was shocked when he saw the finished product.

But anyway,  let me move on to the special pillow.  You see, Mar loved costume jewelry and had a big collection.  Boy did we love playing dress up using her jewels.  Well, when she passed, I was able to get a special broach of hers.  It didn’t have a pin on the back so I just saved it as a keepsake in my vanity.

Back in my pillow making days, I decided to make a purple pillow (I love the rich color of deep velvet purple) and used Mar’s pin as an embellishment.  I made this pillow about 15 years ago and although I’ve gone through several colors of comforters in my room, this pillow always sits in the middle.  Because that’s Mar and I hold her dear to my heart.  So happy birthday  Mar, may she always rest in peace wearing jewels around her.



My Shining Star “Mar”

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